Friday, August 21, 2020

Sweden's Success is Real ("COVID-19")

by Jim West (please share and cite)

Fake News (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc) has misrepresented Sweden's COVID-19 history as a failure because Sweden did not invoke mandates and lockdowns.


Sweden actually succeeded. No lockdowns, no face mask mandates, and "COVID" deaths declined to ZERO. 

Some mainstream business publications, such as Forbes, support Sweden.

Newsweek supports Sweden.

Sweden, Which Never Had Lockdown, Sees COVID-19 Cases Plummet as Rest of Europe Suffers Spike

Total deaths/100K during 2020 are the same for US vs Sweden. [Ref

However, while Sweden's death rate is down to zero, the US continues on.

A detailed look, including Medical protocols and environmental toxicology, would undoubtedly be revealing. 

US death rates are up as employs draconian measures and its economy and society suffers. 

At the height of Sweden's epidemic, the Health Minister described policy as "more sustainable" in the long run, and without the economic consequences. Tourism is at a record low, but that could mean that the smarter, more aware tourists, are visiting, the ones we want to meet.

Sweden is one of the few nations whose economy has grown this year and Swedes continue to socialize more normally.

Swedes weren't born yesterday.

Swedish life at the height of the epidemic, as portrayed by Business Insider, April 13, 2020. 

Caveat: There could be a 2nd COVID-19 wave (for Sweden or any nation) when winter cold brings high indoor air pollution, or if Sweden's fuel sources change away from relatively clean fuel towards fracked fuel.

Update: 2/25/2022

Sweden is the winner, with its personal freedom and low total COVID incidences.

Sweden's major petroleum source was Russia at the start of the epidemic and during 2021 became a minor source, this in response to a question about Sweden's incidence rise in 2021.


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