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Childhood cancer

Prenatal ultrasound contributes to
childhood cancer

by Jim West

Since the 1990s it has become obvious, for instance, during a Sunday walk, that childhood disease has been escalating, e.g., cancer, eye problems, autism, ADHD, misshapen heads and bodies, etc. So this would not be a mere result of improved testing.

Officials similarly indicate an increase in childhood cancer, e.g., The American Cancer Society issued a "Special Report" with this graph.

I posit prenatal ultrasound as a substantial contributor, as stated in my book (2015),
The long-term emerging epidemics of childhood cancer seems evident via JZhang (2002). The general belief is that cancer is the result of an accumulation of DNA damage. DUS [diagnostic ultrasound] should be considered as the obvious relevant causative stressor, directly or as a synergist.

No specific ultrasound-cancer studies directly support this idea, so here is a simple logical argument.

Given: Cancer is the result of genetic dysfunction.

Given: Prenatal ultrasound causes genetic dysfunction

Therefore: Prenatal ultrasound causes cancer.

Cancer and genetic dysfunction

The National Cancer Institute (NCI, federal gov) describes the official theory of cancer causation.[ref]
Cancer is a genetic disease—that is, cancer is caused by certain changes to genes that control the way our cells function, especially how they grow and divide...
Cancer-causing genetic changes can [be inherited or...] acquired during one’s lifetime, as the result of errors that occur as cells divide or from exposure to carcinogenic substances that damage DNA, such as certain chemicals in tobacco smoke, and radiation, such as ultraviolet rays from the sun.
NCI omits "X-rays" or "ultrasound" as it provides examples of destructive "radiation". It names only the sun, an essential part of our evolution through billions of years. This indicates NCI's conflict of interest with industry.

NCI says that dysfunctional genes can be inherited or acquired during one's lifetime. Yet, genetic dysfunction during pregnancy is more likely acquired from environmental stressors because it is misdiagnosed as an inherited mutation. Gofman (1992)

To expedite the ultrasound argument, I accept the NCI premise, that genetic dysfunction is a major cause of carcinogenesis. Now, how do genes become dysfunctional?

Industrial radiation is carcinogenic

Childhood cancer rates have been rising since the 1930s due to ever increasing chemical pollution, e.g., pesticides, fluoride, and industrial effluents.

Many scientists point to a possibly greater threat, the pervasion of electricity and its radiation, i.e., electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Carcinogenic sources of EMF are, for example, power cables, appliances, transformers, small lighting transformers, motors, medical radiation devices, radio and radar transmissions. EMF is a likely cause of cancer, with even WHO/IARC (representing industrial bias) stating that radio frequencies are a "possible carcinogen". See "Historical evidence..." by the epidemiologist, Dr. Samuel Milham and co-author E. M. Osslander.[ref] Hundreds of scientists support EMF causation for diverse symptoms at 

With electricity also comes a direct and focused source of radiation, routine prenatal diagnostic radiation in the form of X-rays and by the mid 1970s, ultrasound.

X-rays are known to cause childhood cancer.

RSNA (2009)

...radiation exposure during pregnancy... leads to serious harmful effects to the fetus, including increased risk of leukemia and other malignancies.
Grufferman (2009)

Prenatal x-ray exposure is one of the few well-established environmental risk factors for childhood cancer.

Ultrasound, like X-rays

Contrary to popular belief, many studies find that ultrasound causes genetic damage like X-rays, e.g., Liebeskind (1981), JZhang (2002), and Hočevar (2012). Present-day authorities admit this for animal and cells studies, but deny this applies to humans, even claiming that humans could be "immune" to ultrasound.

Ultrasound is the direct result of radio frequency circuitry driving a quartz piezo-electric chip. Frequencies are higher than the AM radio band. Ultrasound is ready-to-go mechanical transformation of EMF.

One ultrasound session is equivalent to 1,000 or more chest X-rays.

This stunning number is extrapolated from a statement in a CNN documentary, year 1983. Scientists from Columbia University were interviewed about ultrasound. The statement was "250 chest X-rays", but when extrapolated to current values, this would be much higher. Extrapolation is necessary because in 1983 (vs present-day) a chest X-ray was higher intensity and prenatal ultrasound was lower intensity.

Doreen Lieberman, MD (lab researcher), and Arthur Bloom (geneticist), were interviewed for the CNN documentary in 1983:

One ultrasound session will readily fragment maternal and fetal genetic matter according to JZhang (2002). The graph below (a photo of the result of gel electrophoresis), shows DNA fragmentation at ultrasound intensities far below that of a typical clinical ultrasound session.

In conclusion, I reiterate the argument.

Given: Cancer is the result of genetic dysfunction.

Given: Diagnostic ultrasound causes genetic dysfunction

Therefore: Ultrasound causes cancer.

* * *


Thanks to Sallie Elkordy for encouraging this project.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Global Warming

"Global Warming" is the name used to churn the public before the term had to be changed to "Climate Change".

Global Warming was in danger of be found a hoax, and so the name change.

Years ago, I was stunned by Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth". I told all my socialist friends about it on forums. What a great film. The Truth was revealed.

I still had a gnawing doubt in the back of my mind, which I repressed. He had displayed on stage, a great long timeline of arctic CO2 levels and temperatures. As the camera panned left to right, across the millennia, it settled on the right side where standing on a tall ladder was Al Gore pointing to the high point of the graph. Everyone began laughing including me.

The graph line was accelerating upward above his head. Temperature was obviously out of control, a disaster engulfing the world, due to CO2.

Eventually I looked into this graph and found that CO2 was not leading temperature, but following it. Something else had to be raising the CO2 levels.

Gore was performing the common magic trick technique, displaying an impressive show, but distracting the audience from the tell-tale detail.

Independent Research


For nearly 200 years, New York City ocean water level tables show linear increase, with no acceleration.

"Global warming" would have accelerated these water levels if global warming were accelerating, but that's not happening, see graph, displayed below from NOAA.

The only reason for the CO2 drama, that I can think of, is to drive questionable public works funding such as elite nuclear power and fake clean energy programs, and create elite gravy trains.

For example, 40 clean energy programs, funded by Obama Administration declared bankruptcy. The largest, Solyndra, was personally promoted by Obama and Biden.

Apparently Obama sanctioned The Paris Accord within the same corrupt context, and Trump saw this correctly, and pulled out.

If 'they' really care about health, they can care about air pollution. No questionable stories are required.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Vaccines Not Primary Cause of Autism

Four Reasons

Empirical Science

Ultrasound fetal hazards far outweigh vaccine hazards.

Ultrasound damage is empirically proven at low intensity, at clinical intensity, and this happens with 100% reliability. This goes beyond "risk assessment". The question becomes not if, but why are they doing this? [ref]

Ultrasound is officially described as "harmless". Clearly there is a heavy political component, an investment in fetal damage, which should not be surprising in the context of Machiavellian medical monopoly practice. [ref] [ref]

A few seconds of ultrasound can damage the fetus.

Autism Initiation Timeline

Autism is initiated in the womb at approximately the 20th week gestation. [ref]

This corresponds with prenatal ultrasound, not vaccines. Doctors do not advise routine vaccination at the 20th week, but they do force by intimidation, pregnant women to undergo ultrasound at the 20th week.

Thus, ultrasound fetal damage is the sine qua non for autism. There are exceptions where other forms of radiation could have damaged the fetus, such as x-rays. Vaccines are not a sine quo non.

Vaccines could be a trigger like many other environmental stressors, but more likely it is the antibiotic preservative in the vaccine, not the vaccine itself.

Two interviewees in Wakefield's movie, Vaxxed, inadvertently describe "antibiotics" as the primary causative stressor -- despite the film's intent -- to promote the concept of vaccine-caused autism.[ref] I spoke several times at length with Wakefield during the Vaxxed premiers in New York. He was "impressed" but would not allow further discussion.

Ultrasound "potentiates" antibiotics by a factor as much as 100x! This use of ultrasound is an emerging but controversial antibiotic technology, yet conspicuously not controversial when applied to a fetus.

Cuba: No Autism

Despite 100% vaccine compliance in Cuba, including the MMR, there has been virtually no autism!

Cuba could not afford to buy or maintain ultrasound machines, thus there was virtually no autism. 

Lately Cuba is being donated ultrasound machines, and Cuba is suffering some rising autism rates. More recently, with trade barriers falling, DUS sales reps are meeting high level officials in Cuba, preparing major sales campaigns.

Japan: Rising Autism

The MMR vaccine was cancelled circa 1992, when Japan suspected that the MMR might be causing autism, yet autism increase more than ever before!

In 1992 Japan increased ultrasound machine allowed intensities by at least 8x-15x. Autism increased though MMR was canceled. They were following the 1991 increase by the FDA.


Vaccines are dubious products. Even vaccine manufacturers admit that vaccines are not proven safe nor effective. [ref]

Vaccines are not proven effective because the disease causation paradigms (germs) are not valid. Environmental toxicology is missing from all aspects of disease epidemics --  despite massive industrial poisoning at all disease epicenters in proportion to disease intensity. [ref]

Nevertheless, the vaccine controversy is a controlled narrative that primarily serves as a smoke screen. Because most anti-vaxers believe in the mainstream disease causation paradigms (germs), the mainstream is able to trick anti-vaxers into dramatizing germ theory and hiding greater medical horrors, such as ultrasound.

For example, the following article will keep anti-vaxers excited, as they shout how The New York Times "admits" that vaccine viruses are causing disease.

Anti-vaxers should be arguing causation in terms of toxicology, not virology.

Vaccines are secondary, one of the several subsequent environmental stressors that can trigger "autism" in the already ultrasound-damaged child.

RFK Jr., Age Of Autism, Blaxill, Wakefield, Handley, etc.

Why do these prominent anti-vaxers have it so wrong? None will answer my emails or personal in-the-face requests for dialogue. None of the autism nonprofits will answer. They avoid obvious resolution of the autism epidemic, merely herding the sheep along without causing an effective rebellion. They are compensated well as they mislead people into the virology morass.

For example,

RFK, Jr., promotes vaccine causation for autism (2/15/2017)

A lot of people say well maybe it’s the glyphosate, from the pesticides, maybe it’s PFOA from flame retardants, maybe it’s ultrasound. There’s a number of hypotheses, they all should be investigated. But none of them has the timing, or the sexual dimorphism that we see that we need to explain, when we look at these disorders [except vaccines]
RFK, Jr. conspicuously places ultrasound last, behind "flame retardants". That's not a mistake. He is wrong about vaccines because they do not have the timing of autism initiation (described above).

He is wrong about a unique "sexual dimorphism" for vaccines -- because males and females usually respond differently to any poisoning.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019


Hormesis describes the true and well-established dose/response curve for toxicity. The word has been censored from all textbooks. FDA refuses to recognize it. It is the fundamental basis for apparent but falsely described pharmaceutical success. Even as I write this, the word "hormesis", Blogger marks it as a misspelling.

This is my most cynical but perhaps realistic view. If we can handle this, perhaps we could find a solution...

Why is the world so toxic?

The 'careless' toxic technology is allowed as part of a management agenda. The insider historian, Yuval Harari, writes, "Humans are managed according to agricultural protocols" [close paraphrase if not exact, from his book "Homo Deus"].

He doesn't explain, but "Agricultural protocols" is a standard concept in toxicology, for example the authoritative Hayes and Laws.

Farm life (cattle and plants) is purposely stressed (with agri-chemicals) to raise the social metabolism (at the cost of higher levels of disease and death). This is to increase "production", whatever that may be (such as egg laying or flesh mass).

For humans, "production" could be anything, such as Asperger obsessive computer programmers. Or an entire Millennial population less able to challenge authoritative corruption.

Hayes and Laws, says this in terms of the human "need for... sufficient but not overpowering challenge".. It is a top-down interest to stress us in nonsensical ways. It is elitist management theory applied universally.
The term "sufficient challenge" introduced by Smyth (1967) refers to the entire range of phenomena and emphasizes the need of the organism for some measure of stress, whether it be a small amount of poison, a fact, he points out that he took the term from Toynbee's concept of "sufficient but not overpowering challenge" in connection with human history.
See my first article on this topic.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019


by Jim West

New Angle / Old Story

Andrew Wakefield -- I had read about his famous retracted study, but had never directly read the study.

It has always seemed obvious that his formidable critic, Brian Deer, is a slime-ball.

Now I'm reading Wakefield's study, as published in The Lancet, 1998. "A. J. Wakefield" is first on the list of authors, as the "senior scientific investigator".

The study reviews 12 children with developmental and intestinal disorders. It associates these symptoms with "environmental triggers", of which, the attenuated viruses of the MMR vaccine are the main focus. [ref]


The word "antibiotic" is mentioned early, yet only once in the entire study.

[Subject four] developed recurrent antibiotic-resistant [middle ear infections] and the first behavioural symptoms...

This is revealing.

Wakefield is bent on avoiding toxicology!

Antibiotics are a common treatment for children. The study's listed "behavioral symptoms" could be the result of the overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotic-resistance could be a bad explanation for the failure of antibiotics for a disease which is actually not infectious, but rather toxicological. Antibiotics would just compound toxic damage.

Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, describes two apparent triggers for autism. A) "Very high use of antibiotics", and B) "Families reporting" vaccines prior to autism. 

Granpeesheh is the founder of The Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Her statement is found in Vaxxed, Wakefield's movie (how ironic).

Polly Tommey is one of the movie's producers. She reported that her son was vaccinated prior to her son's autism, however, if you listen carefully to her interview in Vaxxed, the vaccine symptoms merely triggered her -- to bring her son back to the doctor for a regimen of antibiotics.

I attempted to speak with Polly at the NYC movie premiere, but she blew me off, saying, "I'm not smart." I ignored that nonsense, but she repeated, "I'm not smart. Talk to my husband." Mr. Tommey was also unapproachable in the limelight.

Clearly, antibiotics should have been a major concern in Wakefield's study of "environmental triggers".

The study ignores neomycin, a known risk for anaphylactic reactions. This is MMR's antibiotic preservative.

The study mixes the terms, "environmental" and "virus", thereby eliminating the dichotomy (environment vs germ) as a tool for toxicological considerations.

It suggests MMR is an "environmental trigger", however, a trigger must trigger something, such as a pre-existing vulnerability. The study advocates the most highly funded industrial view, "genetic predisposition".

Genetic predisposition is based on twin studies. This is an admittedly weak type of study, which depends on The Equal Environment Assumption, an impossible assumption for twins in a womb exposed to, for example, hazardous ultrasound examinations.

The study ignores fetal ultrasound, which can establish vulnerability to antibiotics. Qian (1996) finds ultrasound "potentiating" subsequent antibiotics by 100-fold. [ref].

Note that the autism histories of Cuba and Japan completely exculpate the MMR yet add to the evidence for ultrasound causation. [ref]

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria is missing. How were the 12 children selected?

The term, "consecutively referred", implies an explanation, but there is none.

12 children, consecutively referred to the department of paediatric gastroenterology with a history of [developmental delay and GI tract disease], were investigated.

Selection criteria can determine the outcome of the study.

Were the 12 subjects picked out of the clear blue sky?  For what specific purpose were they referred? Who requested the children, and how, what context, what letter, what language? Who referred the subjects to the department? What filters were run for any removal of inappropriate subjects?

Invalid Controls

The control group in any study, consists of the healthy subjects. Wakefield acquired his 32 control blood samples at his son's birthday party. He say he paid the children and acquired permission from their parents.

He claims these were "healthy controls" but there is no mention of how he determined their health and private medical histories. His study does not describe his control selection process as that would be an embarrassment, defeating the study outright.

He did not obtain ethics committee approval.

As an example of Wakefield's arrogant confidence in his ability to manipulate people, he sprung his blood-sucking party game on children as young as age 4, at a party where the ability to make a private choice was not possible. The children and their parents were the victims of herd manipulation.

It would not be easy to remove your child from this party or its blood ritual. To deny or complain might mean no more invitations to the house of this rising star in the medical field. You and your child would be cast as cynical kill-joys and there would be subtle social consequences.

Brian Deer, the detestable critic, begins to make sense:

Brian Deer's Summary [ref]

How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed:
- The Lancet paper was a case series of 12 child patients; it reported a proposed “new syndrome” of enterocolitis and regressive autism and associated this with MMR as an “apparent precipitating event.” But in fact:
- Three of nine children reported with regressive autism did not have autism diagnosed at all. Only one child clearly had regressive autism
- Despite the paper claiming that all 12 children were “previously normal,” five had documented pre-existing developmental concerns
- Some children were reported to have experienced first behavioural symptoms within days of MMR, but the records documented these as starting some months after vaccination
- In nine cases, unremarkable colonic histopathology results—noting no or minimal fluctuations in inflammatory cell populations—were changed after a medical school “research review” to “non-specific colitis”
- The parents of eight children were reported as blaming MMR, but 11 families made this allegation at the hospital. The exclusion of three allegations—all giving times to onset of problems in months—helped to create the appearance of a 14 day temporal link
- Patients were recruited through anti-MMR campaigners, and the study was commissioned and funded for planned litigation
Deer describes Wakefield's financial conflicts. [ref]
According to the figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, Wakefield was paid £435,643 in fees, plus £3,910 expenses.
Wakefield’s work for the lawyers began two years before he published his now notorious report in The Lancet medical journal in February 1998, proposing a link between the vaccine and autism.
This was not mentioned in the study, of course.

He says that the payments were actually for a subsequent study (but from the same interested parties). He says he didn't read the fine print as he filled out the conflicts of interest area for the publication application. He says he personally did not find his finances embarrassing and that was good enough to stay silent. [ref]

Richard Horton, senior editor of The Lancet, stated that if the peer-reviewers were aware of this conflict, the study would never have been published.

Wakefield's defenses are based on the claims of good intentions, less on science. For example, he defends himself during his 2010 interview with Alan Golding by highlighting his moral sense, his desire to help the families of autistic children. [ref]

Political Speculation

Wakefield uses humility to steer autism research towards virology and away from toxicology.
We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue.
Virology, as a disease causation paradigm, is moot because it does not discount pollution factors. [ref]

Wakefield is a medical soldier. He claims to have paused to help families damaged from friendly fire. His army prosecutes him for misrepresenting the friendly fire. A public argument ensues, unrelated to the army's actual intent.

The Lancet

Wakefield might have gotten a pass if he were not critiquing a vaccine, however, the premier medical publication, The Lancet, published his study with insufficient challenge. His flawed study dangled in The Lancet, a planted seed, awaiting its use as a polarizing device.

How is it possible that this grossly invalid study with anti-vax implications survived peer review?

   a) No selection criteria

   b) No valid controls

   c) No conflicts of interest listed

   c) No toxicology

   d) Unsupported virology

No selection criteria: The Lancet cannot be forgiven.

No valid controls: The Lancet cannot be forgiven.

No conflicts of interest listed: The reviewers for The Lancet might be forgiven, because they were not informed of the conflict of interest, though Wakefield claims Horton knew.

No toxicology, and no virology supported: In the context of politics, these are somewhat forgivable for all parties, because this is the hard real politic of publishing in Medicine. Strong toxicology is not allowed. Strong challenges to virology are not allowed.

Politically, the study and Wakefield's attention-grabbing scandal is valuable to industry as a disinformational, polarizing dynamic.

Wakefield is persecuted mainly by Brian Deer, The Lancet, UK General Medical Council, and the mainstream media. As a charade, they and Wakefield are merely avoiding toxicology under cover of great ethical concern.


Long ago, Wakefield joined with Mark Blaxill, a well-paid omnipresent leader of the autism/vax movement who has been described as a shill and former pharma consultant by investigator Jake Crosby.[ref]

Wakefield, the pro-vaxer, is the martyr for cheering anti-vaxers. He advocates that the 3-in-1 MMR injection be applied as three separate injections. By obsessing on the unconfirmed validity of these three viruses (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Wakefield advocates three toxic vaccinations instead of one. Update: Wakefield is becoming more anti-vax, but he still maintains the same energy-sucking arguments that avoid the scientific fundamentals, as listed above.[ref]


As senior scientific investigator, Wakefield managed his co-authors who performed specific tasks.

The co-authors survived the legal procedures that netted Wakefield. They did not come to his defense. Wakefield forgives them, saying their choice is "human nature".

Wakefield says he won't debate Deer because Deer is beneath him.

Vaxxed shows Wakefield with a few colleagues at the famous 1998 press conference at the Royal Free Hospital. One is grim and the other is covering his face as Wakefield presents his study. I doubt this is only because of pharma politics.

* * *


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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

EMF and Health

by Jim West

Two forms of EMF

Industrial EMF competes with biological EMF.

Biological EMF (electromagnetic fields) is essential to cell and hormone function. We have co-evolved with EMF, and cells generate and receive EMF. Over billions of years, life has co-evolved beneficially with natural EMF, such as sunlight.

Industrial EMF is essential to the technical backbone of modern civilization. It is the basis for electric motors, electrical transmission, radio, WiFi, computers, communications, etc. It is different than natural EMF, being dangerously polarized, square wave. Life has not co-evolved with it.

Biological EMF is a necessary part of biological function, necessary for chemical interactions, pathway signalling, hormonal function, etc.

This competition of natural and biological EMF confuses biological functionality. Biological systems must spend energy stabilizing themselves. Disease then proliferates in the form of hormonal disruption and cell function disruption, and symptoms are highly diverse.

Examples of industrial EMF: electric motors (A/C and fans), and LED, fluorescent lights, and computer monitors. This is not a “light spectrum, blue light” issue, but high-frequency EMF from unshielded switch-mode transformer circuitry. Other sources of varying EMF types are power cables, and mains cables under our floor or through walls and ceilings.

Industrial EMF is clearly associated with coughing, sneezing, back-ache, nervous sleep, etc. Continued exposure can lead to severe symptoms, e.g., meningeal irritation, eye and ear problems, and dental weakness.

EMF is so important to industry, that any thought of health issues are seen as an attack on industry. U.S. electrical code has no provision for personal health. Its code protects other electrical equipment in that radiating devices are not allowed to disrupt each other, however, it does not extend this protection to biological entities.

EMF health issues are flatly rejected by industry-funded science and media. Authoritative yet anonymous boards are assembled to review and reject the science. Corrupt studies are funded, e.g., where the control group is exposed to EMF, where observations are dismissed without discussion based on selective nit-picking.

Most independent studies find EMF hazards. 187 studies are compiled at by Henry Lai, PhD, which support the concept of EMF poisoning as a major environmental hazard. This group represents the view of hundreds of scientists. An eloquent author is professor Neil Cherry on EMF genotoxicity.

Industry hacks reject the idea of EMF hazards, pretending to be scientists, e.g., at EMF Science and Health.

You do the test

If you are skeptical then devise your own test. Test EMF for health issues by changing EMF exposure levels.

Symptoms already exist for most people, e.g., rashes on the backs of hands near computer monitors and keyboards, depression, brain fog. Heart palpitation can occur during computer use or other sudden exposure, such has when carrying a cell-phone in ones shirt pocket. What appear to be bug-bites can merely be EMF rashes. Reduce the EMF and watch symptoms disappear.

The next time you sneeze, look around. You should see an unusually high intensity EMF device near you, like a fluorescent light or WiFi source near your head. LED lights also, as they usually contain an unshielded switch-mode high-frequency transformer circuit.

Detect EMF intensity with a simple AM radio tuned between stations. The static noise represents wide-ranging EMF patterns and frequencies, termed "dirty electricity" (Dr. Samuel Milham).

Tests work best if you can find a safe low-EMF area and a high exposure area (two comparison scenarios). In relative terms, find safe and hazardous areas within your residence or work.

Further study

Anthony A. Marino, PhD -- This scientist was fortunate enough to have been funded for the entirety of his research career. Extremely knowledgeable, humorous. He also is a lawyer, and has been called as a witness for many EMF related trials against industry. He also has a degree in law and philosophy/religion.

Sam Milham, MD -- Epidemiologist, pioneer in EMF science.

Prof. Neil Cherry -- EMF genotoxicity.

Caveat. If you become EMF aware, then stay conservative. Do not fall for EMF mysticism, amulets, etc. Focus on basic EMF physics. EMF is radiation. It must be shielded and preferably removed or distanced. Aluminum foil is effective. Some sell devices that can electronically neutralize EMF. Be skeptical of those. Think distance and shielding, and shield in ways that do not reflect or concentrate EMF.

Read your meters; none are perfect so be in touch with your symptoms. Discount other sources of pollution such as unventilated stoves and boilers or stack pollution.

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Louis Pasteur's Rabies Studies

by Jim West

It might be important to confirm the rabies causation paradigm, which for over a century, has been the “rabies-virus”. This paradigm was established by Pasteur long ago, without modern science technology.

Pasteur had no microscope capable of seeing a virus. He had few animals as subjects. His work has been expertly reviewed and found shoddy and biased.

Even with modern technology, the related environmental toxicology was apparently not discounted in terms of causation, in which case, the virus paradigm would be moot.

Rabies became a public issue in the latter 19th century, during the era when the mass application of arsenic and lead pesticides became prominent on farms. It should not have been a surprise to see animals staggering from the effects of pesticides in an era without EPA regulation or proper chemical labeling.

Soon after the appearance of this historical coincidence, Pasteur began his work.

Note that the image of a mad “rabid dog” baring its teeth is apparently a dramatic medical market image. The symptoms of rabies are usually lethargy, as if neurologically poisoned.

Gerald Geison, PhD, professor of Medical History at Princeton University, wrote a biography of Pasteur, critically reviewing Pasteur’s laboratory notes.

The Private Science of Louis Pasteur

Excerpts from Geison’s book:
Every generation gets the Pasteur they deserve.
A review of Geison’s book, from The Independent:
Pasteur 'told lies about vaccines'
and from Geison’s obituary:

"Gerald L. Geison, scholar of history of medicine"
His biography of Pasteur was viewed as an outstanding work of scholarship which penetrated the secrecy that had surrounded much of the legendary scientist's laboratory work.
Wikipedia (Geison):
Gerald L. Geison went on to earn a doctorate in Yale University's Department of the History of Science and Medicine in 1970 and then joined the Princeton faculty, where he was a professor in the history department and the Program in History of Science.
He wrote two books, The Private Science of Louis Pasteur (1995) and Michael Foster and the Cambridge School of Physiology: The Scientific Enterprise in Late Victorian Society (1978), and edited four more. In addition, he wrote about 40 scholarly essays and book reviews and contributed 20 articles to the Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
At Princeton, Geison served as director of the Program in History of Science from 1980 to 1986 and was the program's director of graduate studies for many years. He was associate dean of the college from 1977 to 1979, master of the Graduate College from 1982 to 1985, and secretary of the Committee on the Course of Study from 1977 to 1979.
He received many honors and invitations to lecture on his work. The American Association for the History of Medicine awarded its 1996 William H. Welch Medal to Geison's book on Pasteur. 
Geison is, of course, widely criticized by authorities.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Colds/flu: Environment Omitted

by Jim West

Colds and influenza can be misdiagnoses of common environmental hazards.

First priority (just ask your doctor) when encountering symptoms, is to review your environment.

The following may seem trite, yet it is a simple reality which cannot be overstated. Use your symptoms as a divining rod to solve the ubiquitous environmental puzzles. Your symptoms are your vision, and industrial media works 24/7 to keep you blind.

Much diagnosed “flu” actually is the result of bad ventilation (stove or boiler exhaust, or room heater). At least five states have outlawed unventilated gas stoves. Ref: Dolan (1985)

Ventilation: A stove requires an outlet fan and an inlet window or vent, positioned far from the outlet fan. Open windows without fans do not function in dead winds.

Boilers can be a problem, and are difficult to properly ventilate even by experts. Other risks are construction solvents and paints, swimming pool construction solvents, etc.

EMF stressors: An environmental co-factor could be the cumulative stress of electrical radiation exposure, e.g., electric fans, computer monitors, power cables, Ethernet cables, routers, WiFi, fluorescent light ballasts, LED light switch-mode transformers, radar, radio antennae, X-rays, MRI, ultrasound, etc. An organization of hundreds of scientists provide documentation. Ref:

Medical stressors such as prenatal X-rays and ultrasound can establish fundamental vulnerabilities to any subsequent environmental stress. Ref: A New Bibliography

Flu-like symptoms are the symptoms of most chemical pollutants (air pollution, construction gases, etc) and this listed as a warning on laboratory chemical container labels. These symptoms are also the initial symptoms of common diseases (measles, polio, AIDS, colds, flu, smallpox, chickenpox, etc).

Example 1

London 1952

The British government, tried to pass off  The Great London Smog of 1952, as an INFLUENZA epidemic, calling it "The Great London Fog". They tried hard but coal smog was overwhelmingly obvious. The government eventually admitted it was misrepresenting.

6,000 Londoners died and 25,000 later qualified for benefits related to illnesses and disabilities.

Devra Davis has researched and written an excellent article in History Today.

Example 2

Excerpted from Townsend Letter (2010).

Influenza Epidemic

April 23, 2009, St. Francis Middle School -- the epidemic began suddenly. Many students began lining up outside the nurse's office at 9:30 a.m. They continued to line up during the rest of the day. The school nurse called the NYCDOH at 10:30 a.m. A total of 102 students were sent home.

CBS News

More than 100 students at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens were suddenly hit with fever, sore throat and other aches and pains.
'I just saw lot a lot of kids lined up along the wall near the nurse's office," sophomore Kelsey Dittmeir said.'

The New York Times 

By 10 a.m., dozens of students were pouring into the hallway outside her office, sitting miserably on the floor, nauseous and confused.
The nurse called Dr. Gary Krigsman, who referred her to the CDC's Ada Santiago. One hundred and two students were sent home by the nurse on Thursday, and 80 more on Friday.

With such suddenness, questions must be asked: Is this a replicating virus, spreading upon contact with a few people. Or is this a sudden increase in air poisoning? Students suddenly became ill at school during an unusual period of intense air pollution specific to the school.

Why did the NYCDOH assume the virus paradigm and avoid environmental studies?

Wind Vectors

Coinciding with the epidemic apex is a set of unusual wind patterns, bringing high concentrations of expressway pollution to bear on St. Francis, as a straight unwavering slow wind scenario for 12 unrelenting hours.

Wind patterns for the epidemic apex (April 23) have been studied in detail with Wind Vector software. See satellite photo "Wind Patterns 3–4 a.m.," where, for clarity, only wind patterns passing through St. Francis are designated. This reveals a steady focus of expressway pollution into the school, saturating its structure before school hours, and throughout the school day, from 12am to 12pm..

* * *


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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New York Measles 2019: Environment Omitted

by Jim West

Worldwide, measles incidence has risen 300% for 2018-2019. (WHO)

The major U.S. epicenters are in New York State.
  • Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Borough Park (Brooklyn, NY)
  • East Ramapo (Rockland County, NY)

No science supports virus causation for measles. [ref]

What else could cause the epidemics?  Chen (2017) suggests air pollution.

New Pollution at New York Epicenters

  • A new power plant opens.
  • The use of toxic fracking gas fuel increases.
  • A new fracking pipeline opens.
  • EPA remediation disturbs Superfund site pollution.
  • Record-high petroleum production and export.

Modified refinery protocols may have been applied globally, related to fracking. High toxicity fracking fuel used in power plants increases outdoor air pollution. Used in stoves and boilers, it increases indoor pollution.

Lower temperatures in late 2018, as the measles season begins, drives the closing of windows, thereby increasing indoor air pollution arriving from unusual levels of earth pollution.

Historically constant pollution

  • Power plants are near and upwind.
  • EPA Superfund sites indicate a legacy of poisoned earth and water, leading to indoor air pollution.
  • Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP), defunct, became Superfund sites.
  • Refineries, defunct, became Superfund sites.

Superfund sites correlate with epicenter cases.

Medical Drama in Williamsburg

The epidemics began late 2018 and continues to date (7/29/2019). It is possible that New York may complete a 12-month epidemic, which would be unusual because measles is supposedly a seasonal disease.

In the days leading to April 9, 2019, measles incidence spiked in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Borough Park.

No environmental study was conducted. [DOH, personal communication]

Instead, New York Mayor de Blasio dramatically pushed an emergency measles vaccine mandate on Williamsburg. Those not vaccinated were subject to $1000 fines.

The Washington Post (4/11/2019)
New York City has had 285 cases since October 2018, virtually all of them in Brooklyn, since the outbreak began. Of those, 229 were reported this year, accounting for nearly half of the 465 cases that have been reported nationwide in 2019. 
The New York Times (4/9/2019)
For months, New York City officials have been fighting a measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, knowing that the solution — the measles vaccine — was not reaching its target audience.
They tried education and outreach, working with rabbis and distributing thousands of fliers to encourage parents to vaccinate their children. They also tried harsher measures, like a ban on unvaccinated students from going to school.
But with measles cases still on the rise and an anti-vaccination movement spreading, city health officials on Tuesday took a more drastic step to stem one of the largest measles outbreaks in decades.

The Brooklyn Eagle, April 9, 2019
“If people ignore our order,” [the Mayor] added, “We will issue fines.” As part of the declaration, every unvaccinated person living in the ZIP codes 11205, 11206, 11211 and 11249 — regardless of whether they have been exposed to the infection — are required to receive the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to stymie the outbreak.
The overwhelming problem is Williamsburg,” De Blasio said. “This is a challenge we see in Brooklyn. In other boroughs we’ve seen no cases. It’s much more a Williamsburg problem than a Borough Park problem.”

Poisoned Legacy Under Williamsburg

Brooklyn Navy Yard (BNY) was categorized as "Worst in the U.S." by ScoredCard. See photo of BNY during WWII (

Building elevations range 4 to 20 feet near BNY. Industrial effluents could flow from BNY, from an MGP, and from chemical industries at 5th street near the river -- to the positions under these buildings. See recent Aerial Photo with 2019 Measles Epicenter outlined:

In 1995, NYDEC classed BNY as a Superfund site for environmental cleanup. Toxic soil was replaced and water was tested for PCBs and declared safe. EPA removed BNY from Superfund status, claiming to have remediated the site.

Earth Plumes

Since the 1600s and through the great wars, BNY area has been polluted with VOCs, halogenated compounds, PCBs, cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.. These continue to poison the earth and air via earth plumes present-day. Four centuries of toxic waste were dumped into the earth before EPA even existed.
President John Adams first commissioned the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1801, but activity at Wallabout Basin [now BNY] actually dates back to before then. In fact, long before then: The deed for the sale of Wallabout Basin dates back to 1637. The Dutch and the British used the shipyard for mercantile shipping. [Secrets of New York]
BNY shipwork became private in 1966 and was halted in 1979, as BNY went dormant for a few decades when the City bought it, anticipating its use as a business area.

Earth plumes continue migrating deep and outward thousands of feet and if mixed with water, then miles. Earth plumes emit gases 24/7 into the air, indoors and outdoors. This pollution increases during slow or dead winds and during low air pressure conditions (barometric).

Earth plumes are an obvious risk. The following is a commonsense scenario for three floor levels.

Basement apartments are illegal in New York City for environmental reasons, yet the City's building code does not mention earth plumes.
Occupants of illegal basement and cellar apartments face potential dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning, inadequate light and ventilation, and inadequate egress in the event of a fire.
The EPA claims "remediation" of Superfund sites. Having reviewed elsewhere, other instances of plume/disease correlations and remediation, it is clear that remediation is difficult if not impossible to complete. Remediation itself is a toxic process, attempting to drive gases out of the ground into the atmosphere using high-pressure fans over a long period, and attempting to separate chemicals from the groundwater.

This NY Times photo shows a "separator" machine used for remediation at the Newtown Creek Superfund site near the northern border area of Williamsburg. This machine is like a cream separator, separating toxic water from toxic petrochemicals. (NY Times photo modified with text rendered inside.)

The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is located 2,000 feet north of Williamsburg. Chemical plumes can travel miles underground. The measles epidemic is well within range of these plumes and this area represents the largest chemical spillage in the history of the U.S. Spills in this area have been occurring since 1840 and it has taken 1.5 centuries to report these spills.

Remediation can mean extracting obvious contamination and replacing topsoil. This is insufficient when plumes can be miles long and hundreds of feet deep.

Remediation is political. It can placate the public when real estate profit is at issue. This is New York City real estate, potentially worth trillions. An example of such politics could well be Stuyvesant Town (Manhattan). Though being a former MGP site since the 1840s the EPA did not categorize Stuyvesant Town as a Superfund site. It did however, remediate the site, replacing top soil and measuring vapors.

Most of the Superfund sites mentioned in this article have been declared remediated or otherwise removed from Superfund status, however, water is not entirely remediated, and regarding earth plumes, The American Petroleum Institute states,
40 to 80% of a product spill may be retained in soils.
Most of the Superfund sites mentioned in this article have been declared remediated or otherwise removed from Superfund status.

EPA/DEC misrepresentation

The DEC sometimes misrepresents its data, thereby protecting industry. For example, while studying air pollution and "West Nile virus" bird deaths, I found that DEC had modified all of its air pollution maps, greatly diminishing disease correlations. I visited and spoke to the Chief of the EPA regional headquarters and was told such modifications were "impossible". A few weeks later the Chief emailed me an apology. DEC had indeed massively modified the maps in a way that substantially diminished correlations of air pollution with West Nile disease events.

Another example: After 911, EPA declared The World Trade Center site safe, though later EPA admitted having misrepresented air quality to maintain business and to keep cleanup crews operational. Cancer and death resulted.

The NY Times (1995) describes with suspicion, the removal of BNY from Superfund status.
...officials with the environmental department and the State Health Department played down the threat to the public. They said the contamination at the Navy Yard was limited to an unused courtyard protected from public use where two electric transformers once operated.
NY Times appears candid, however, while at the same time, omitting the worst, the existence of a legacy Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) within BNY, as described by National Grid.
The Nassau Gas Works MGP was operating by 1873 and ceased operations prior to 1935...  within the Brooklyn Navy Yard... Remedial investigation activities completed to date at the former MGP Site have encountered coal tar, which is the primary by-product associated with manufactured gas sites... contains a variety of environmental contaminants including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylene (BTEX).
More Superfund Sites

At the Williamsburg north border, there is "a massive, 30-million-gallon [refinery] spill" into the Newtown Creek , designated a Superfund site in 2010. [ref]

At the west, near the river, there is an MGP Superfund site (dumping since the 1800s). Early 2018, remediation began. EPA dug wells, installed separators and continues to extract toxic chemicals. These chemicals had settled into the earth over the last century and would be disturbed by energy intensive remediation. The changes of underground flow and pressure could enable toxic chemical releases into the atmosphere.

The measles epidemic began when windows were closed during the cool temperatures of late September 2018.

New York State's epicenters represent the highest number of measles cases. The next largest epicenter in the U.S. is Portland/Vancouver industrial area in the Northwest, which has many legacy MGPs, former defense plants, and petrochemical sites.

South Williamsburg, Summary Map

NAG/DEP map of Williamsburg and Greenpoint

The following map of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint area is DEP (NYS Department of Environmental Protection) data rendered from the NAG (Neighbors Allied for Good Growth) website and annotated. The map shows a high population density in the epidemic area surrounded by earth plumes areas. In the northern area, 2000 feet to the north of Williamsburg in Greenpoint, is the largest chemical spill in U.S. history marked in yellow. Legacy petrochemical industry is to the west, at the river, no longer existing, where EPA remediation started up, pertinent to the epidemic which began months later during its cold-weather season.

Flood risk is included as a rough indicator of the potential for earth plume flow. Actual earth plume movement is likely greater than portrayed. Earth pollution data was originally generated by the industries responsible, so data could be played down or missing.[ref] Nevertheless the data provides a helpful environmental picture.

The epidemic area is high population. This is surrounded by major chemical spillage (dots and yellow areas). The northern area is the Newtown Creek Spill and legacy industry. This industry also is found on the west shore and at BNY. Flood risk is portrayed to indicate potential plume locations.

Two Brooklyn Epicenters

December 7th, 2018, New York Department of Health (DOH) banned unvaccinated children from school in the two epicenters. The ban failed to halt the epidemics.

Zip codes for recent vaccine mandates:

      Williamsburg: 11205, 11206, 11211, 11249

      Borough Park: 11204, 11218, 11219, 11220, 11230.

Williamsburg is the primary epicenter with five times more cases than Borough Park.

Power Plants

All Brooklyn power plants are depicted below, and one Manhattan power plant.

All of these power plants are near, upwind, or central to the epidemics.

The Two Epicenters Compared

Williamsburg: Many cases. Three power plants. Three Superfund sites.

Borough Park: 1/6th the cases. Two power plants. One Superfund site.

See bar graph above.

The Fracking Factor

Most of the power plants had already converted to "natural gas" fuel and thus were prepared to accept fracking gas years ago. This past year, 2018-2019, the U.S. set an all-time record for petroleum production due to the addition of fracking processes, threatening the profits of OPEC (Arab states oil coalition).

The U.S. measles incidence is highest in three decades.

The global #1 epicenter is Ukraine with 44,000 cases (over 500x U.S. incidence). U.S. does not export petroleum products to Ukraine, a major fracking nation, with the 3rd largest shale reserves in Europe.

The global #2 epicenter is Israel with 4,000 cases (over 200x U.S. incidence), and is highly involved in fracking. Coincidentally, at the height of the epidemic, the Israeli Environment Ministry called for a halt to fracking, as "too dangerous". Israel does not import fracking gas products from U.S.

Industrial stack exhaust can appear clean (transparent), but it is extremely poisonous, carrying carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds, formaldehyde, poly-aromatic-hydrocarbons, mercury, volatile aromatic compounds (VOC), etc. The exhaust of fracking natural gas fuel exhaust is more poisonous than traditional natural gas due to its toxic extraction technology. When burned by power plants, boilers and kitchen stoves, the population is brought closer to disease thresholds, as evidenced by the associated epidemics.

Williamsburg Power Plants

Three Power Plants impinge on Williamsburg.

The Upwind Power Plant

Con Edison, 14th Street, Manhattan (in service 2005)

The four low stacks of the 14th Street Con Edison electric power plant (Manhattan) are across the East River and directly upwind from the Williamsburg epicenter. A few parts-per-million (ppm) chronic exposure to its exhaust components, such as NOx, can cause a wide variety of debilitating symptoms and death. Wikipedia photo, "Beyond My Ken" [CC BY-SA 4.0)

Invisible Toxic Exhaust, Marked by Steam Clouds

Children are most vulnerable because they are still developing their immune systems... I was told by DOH officials that inspectors will NOT approve commercial day care permits near this power plant because it would be considered “co-located” and therefore “a condition that may expose children to environmental hazards” -Juan Pagán, Assembly Candidate

Aerial view

Four stacks of toxic exhaust from a plant rated at 736 megawatts. This approximates 85,000 automobiles cruising at 40 mph.

The following map shows the main epicenter to the right circled (zip codes 11249, 11211), and a lesser epicenter to the left circled (zip code 11205), both Williamsburg zip codes, where emergency vaccines and fines are mandated. Blue squares designate power plants.

Dead Wind

Wind speed and direction were optimal for the accumulation of high concentrations of power plant exhaust within the Williamsburg epidemic area during the final three days before the emergency mandate declaration.

The direction arrows point south and southeast, into the epicenter. This is the prevailing wind direction from the NNW, and thus the long history of disease in Williamsburg. Wind speed averaged as low as zero mph, wavering without direction. Low speed means all types of pollution (exhaust and earth plume gases) are accumulating (indoors and outdoors).


In 2002, Con Edison moved its power plant from uptown to the downtown site of the present 14th Street Power Plant.

To make that move, Con ed negotiated with environmental groups:
$500,000 that will most likely go toward increasing the height of the plant's stacks... [NY Times 3/16/2002]
That fell through; the stacks remained short.

Stack filters were promised, but that did not happen.
...the number of stacks the company agreed to equip with a filtration device. It was one, not all four.

With these environmental deficiencies, how is illness now diagnosed in this area?

"Con-Ed Disease"? "Air Pollution Syndrome"?

Answer: None of the above.

"Measles", "Influenza", and "Asthma", would be the correct answers. Technocracy is cast agleam, its failures hidden by Medicine.

The Power Plants Within

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Plant (in service 1996)

This plant is near the south border of Williamsburg. This is less exhaust output compared to the 14th Street power plant, two stacks instead of four, generating 312 megawatts instead of 736 megawatts.

DOH Map, Annotated

The Hudson Avenue Power Plant

This plant is near the Brooklyn Navy Yard plant, in service as of 1970.

Street view

Borough Park (Epicenter #2)

This epicenter, in Brooklyn, is the second largest in New York State.

This contains one of the most highly populated Jewish communities outside of Israel, many unvaccinated, per their religious belief.

Measles epidemics exist globally where there are no ultra-Orthodox correlations. Thus, ultra-Orthodox has nothing to do with the epidemics.

Borough Park consists of zip code areas 11204, 11218, 11219, 11230.

Hypothesis Threatened

Surprisingly, zip code 11232 is not listed in the DOH vaccine mandate -- yet 11232 has two power plants on its shore.

11232 is the neighborhood of Green-wood Heights, where in the past, dead birds have often been found and their "Miners' Canary" deaths blamed on West Nile virus, but that is a separate criticism.

Googling in satellite view, finds that 11232 mostly consists of the huge Green-wood Cemetery. There is no reason to vaccinate the already dead.

Breakdown: 50% cemetery, 40% industry, 10% residential. Thus 24 hour/day exposure to power plant emissions is unlikely.

Two Hidden Power Plants, No Stacks

Two large power plants are hidden near and upwind of Borough Park.

These are difficult to locate. Their addresses are generally unavailable. Their names and shapes are missing from Google Maps, perhaps because technically, they are boats. Only in aerial photo view can map scanning find them.

The plants are run by Eastern Generation. A sign on the fence bans entry and photographs, but Google took most of the photos.

The plants are newer technology, big white boxes, no windows, hidden in plain sight, placed on barges, no stacks. The steam part of the exhaust is condensed into water and recycled. Turbine outputs are pointed upward.

"Gowanus" Plant (in service 1971)

This is the more northern plant. It generates 811 megawatts (Wikipedia). The photo is from the Eastern Generation website.

Street view, facing Manhattan across the river

Aerial view

8 sections with 2 turbines per section.

Close top view

Turbines with steam condensers. No stacks:

Note that the turbine outputs are vertical in order to direct the exhaust upward and above the population, but this doesn't seem safe with buildings being higher than the outputs.

Exhaust is invisible because steam and water clouds are not exhausted with the exhaust, but recycled to the boilers via condensers.

Exhaust height depends on output velocity upward. But the greater this velocity, the less efficient would be energy production, as the output velocity energy is a loss. This is an engineering and economic conflict of interest with human health.

"Narrows" Plant (in service 1972)

The lower plant on the map, generates 380 megawatts, as derived from the Wikipedia. This plant is half the size of the Gowanus plant, using the same technology.

Aerial view

Note that the two power plants upwind of Borough Park consist of 380+811 megawatts. This is 2x the power output as the 14th Street station in Manhattan, however because of its 2x efficiency due to recycling heat through condensers, exhaust output would be the similar.

Routine Epidemics

Measles epidemics are routine for decades in the areas of Williamsburg, Borough Park and Rockland County.

Presently, the April 2019 mainstream story...
The measles cases in Rockland and in Brooklyn have been traced to unvaccinated members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community who traveled to Israel, where a measles outbreak is occurring.
mirrors the earlier July 2009 mainstream story:
Last year’s outbreak [2007], New York’s largest in 15 years [1992]... A handful of visitors from Israel... in the midst of a months-long outbreak... brought the disease with them...[to] Borough Park... spread to a Long Island mall and to a wedding hall in Rockland County...
The "infectious" epidemics are claimed to be the result of an infected international traveler. It is laughable that this infectious virus is not able to spread to adjacent areas.

Fact: These epidemics only occur in the vicinity of heavy industrial effluents.

During the great H1N1 ("bird flu ") epidemics of 2009, eleven Brooklyn schools were closed by the DOH. Eight of these schools were in or near Williamsburg.

Most of the toxic air pollution chemicals (carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, NOx, etc) can cause "flu" symptoms. Power plant and motor vehicle, gas stove, and boiler exhaust all emit similar chemicals causing "flu" symptoms. Measles initially resembles flu symptoms before the rash appears.

These environmental hazards are a constant in Williamsburg and Borough Park, contributing to recurring epidemics.

Resolving Area Contradictions

Two areas are adjacent BNY and the power plants.

EAST of BNY: The main epicenter is EAST of BNY and the nearby power plants. The epidemic hot spot is mainly in this area, zip code 11211 and 11249.


SOUTH AND WEST of BNY: This is on the DOH list, but not a hot spot.

Why the difference?

Comparing the Two Areas

The two areas are similar. Many high apartment buildings. Higher buildings are less susceptible to earth plumes, except for the ground floor apartments..

There is presently no DOH data available for me to confirm measles cases in low level apartments, nor to confirm cases for this neighborhood immediately adjacent BNY.

A few Hasidim support the lower floor thesis with: "One who did not get measles lived on the 8th floor."; "Several cases lived on the 2nd floor."; "Several cases lived in a basement apartment."

The lower apartment buildings in South Williamsburg are nearest to BNY's assumed historical earth plumes.

Those EAST of BNY residences also are surrounded by MGP and refinery Superfund sites, and the area is at a low elevation, nearly sea level, facilitating the assumed effluent flow from Superfund sites.

The Unvaccinated

All epicenters (nationally) consist of 85% unvaccinated persons, approximately.

If the epidemic is toxicological, then measles must be a natural response to poisoning.

Toxicity could be a co-factor for measles, however, this is unlikely because these epidemics to not spread out geographically, and they are recurrent in the same location, and thus these cannot be infectious epidemics. And, as stated earlier, the virology lab work is invalid.

But why the unvaccinated?

Postulate 1

The epicenter populations are more likely to be unvaccinated, due to the belief of much of the populations in the polluted epicenters. Why would the unvaccinated move to polluted areas? Perhaps economics.

Postulate 2 

The epidemics demonstrate the importance of being unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are healthier and more able to generate protective symptoms ("disease").

Vaccine poisons ("preservatives", e.g., mercury, formaldehyde, phenols, etc) protect polluting industries by disabling disabling and hiding disease symptoms.

This phenomena of the unvaccinated is a demonstration that disease symptoms are healthy defensive and cathartic behavior -- inflammatory responses. These symptoms warn of pollution and point to pollution sources.

Vaccines disable and suppress symptoms. Vaccine emergencies are designed to vilify people with symptoms and distract attention from obvious environmental hazards.

The "measles virus" is invisible and unprovable. The pollution is megalothic and obvious. Yet the "virus" mantra drones 24/7.

Vaccines are toxic, and toxicity can disable symptoms.

Example: Warts are a known stress response to medical radiation. Modern literature does not mention these, but in early literature "X-ray warts" are well-known, as exemplified by Robert Knox, book, page 264.

X-ray warts are a late manifestation of chronic dermatitis. and may become malignant. 

Traupe (1997), an environmental study, found much lower incidence of "viral warts" in persons who had been previously exposed to intense air pollution. This demonstrates that "immunity" (falsely perceived as a lack of symptoms) can be established by poisoning.

Palmer (2019), found lower incidence of "viral warts" (HPV) following a notoriously toxic HPV vaccine program with Gardisil. "Immunity" was falsely declared. Here, the specific symptom is suppressed but bad health would generally be worse, like the patient who dies of a  heart attack the day after being declared cancer-free, saved by chemotherapy.

Indoor Pollution

Measles epidemics correlate with cold weather, when indoor pollution (stoves, boilers, and earth plumes) is contained by closed windows. Epidemics were first noticed in the cool late September 2018, and such epidemics are officially expected to diminish by warmer spring (when windows happen to be open) -- unless, I must add, exposure throughout winter has installed extraordinary chemical sensitivities in the population -- or unless toxic effluents continue without abatement.

To some degree, ultra-Orthodox children are more likely to be at home. Moms can be stay-at-home moms. The families are on the average, large. Dads may be engaged in religious studies. Home schooling is not uncommon.

Earth plumes will affect lower floors with closed windows.

Ultra-Orthodox mothers are traditional, perhaps more likely to be cooking with gas stoves at home, likely unventilated (common in New York).

Fact: Stove exhaust is "often misdiagnosed" as virus-flu. [Dolan 1985]

Measles is fundamentally a flu-like disease (flu with rashes).

Gas stoves are extremely toxic. 30% of a stove's total exhaust is emitted from pilot lights, because they burn 24/7. The newer model stoves use electric spark ignition and have no pilot light.

Generally, stove exhaust can explain why during early evening, after dinner, hospitals are most busy.

Generally, stove and boiler exhaust can explain why "flu" and heart attacks tend to occur in the early morning, after a long night sleeping in a poisoned apartment (following dinner stove exhaust) and a fresh blast of stove exhaust during breakfast.

Unventilated stoves are illegal in many states, but not New York.

Mayors do not issue warnings about stove exhaust or earth plumes.

Mayors punish the population with medical fear and $1000 fines -- when the population exhibits symptoms (epidemics) to stove exhaust and earth plumes, etc.

Mayors order symptoms to be neutralized through toxic vaccination programs.

NY Times (5/5/2019) issued, during this measles epidemic, an unusual yet timely warning about gas stoves, describing greenhouse gases and a brief reference to asthma.
[Title:] "Your Gas Stove Is Bad for You and the Planet"
NY Times represents the polluting industries, e.g., medical, chemical, etc, as indicated from its board of directors. I suspect the article may be motivated in part by fracking gas stove hazards being too obvious, contributing to epidemics additional to asthma.

Since disease from gas stove exhaust is being misdiagnosed, it is reasonable to assume that disease from power plant exhaust and earth plume gases are also being misdiagnosed.

Rockland County (Epidemic #3)

The epidemic is located in East Ramapo, Rockland County, NY, between two Superfund sites. The area has experienced decades of pollution, polluted water, soil, and air, official corruption... and... prior measles epidemics. Some officials were imprisoned for being too obvious.

A fracking pipeline corporation is headquartered in Ramapo. Major fracking gas connections are in Ramapo. Pipelines route fracking gas to the CPV plant, and new pipelines are being connected outward from this area, transcontinental pipelines. Diesel and fracking gas fuel large pipeline compressors and emit heavy volumes of exhaust 24/7.

New Power Plant

A new high capacity power plant, constructed by Competitive Power Ventures, went online 30 miles northwest of Ramapo, upwind of the epidemic.
October 1, 2018 — Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) today announced that the 680-megawatt (MW) CPV Valley Energy Center in Wawayanda, NY achieved commercial operation on natural gas and is now supplying enough electricity to power more than 600,000 average homes.
This is a fracking gas fueled plant:
...power plant, will use natural gas from Millennium Pipeline’s 7.8-mile Valley Lateral Pipeline carrying natural gas from the Marcellus Shale...
October 2018 is also the approximate start date for the Brooklyn epidemics.

August 15, 2018a judge in Albany took one day to override DEC objections and allow the CPV plant to run in "test" mode. The only obstacle was CPV's willingness to negotiate DEC's "threat" of a fine for not having a permit, though DEC said resolution would be expedited.

Resolving Vaccine Contradictions

The epidemic in Rockland is heavily polluted like the Brooklyn epidemics. It is located in East Ramapo, between two Superfund sites (one uphill) and a major fracking pipeline crux is within Ramapo. The epidemic timelines are similar to the Brooklyn timelines.

The Rockland epicenter occurred within a thoroughly vaccinated population.

Yet, every day, inspectors remove the unvaccinated from Rockland schools.
Rockland health officials... do daily checks... to ensure that non-immunized children are not attending schools... Rockland has a 94 percent vaccination rate... Lohud (11/13/2018)
The unvaccinated appear again as the afflicted,
80.5% [of recent measles epidemic cases] have had 0 MMRs [Rockland DOH, 4/24/2019] 

Symptoms Reviewed

The symptoms are inflammation and catharsis.
  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis)
  • Rash

The Natural View

These are air pollution symptoms. Dry cough, runny nose, sore throat and inflamed eyes are basic inflammatory symptoms. Fever represents the immune system working hard, and rash represents catharsis as the body attempts to expel debris, toxins and fluids out through the skin.

Clinicians, knowingly or unknowingly, are misdiagnosing air pollution symptoms as virus-caused measles, and that protects industry. Clinicians would defend themselves: "We have sophisticated blood tests for measles which we run in a laboratory with modern shiny electronic equipment. This is expensive, lots of LED lights, digital readouts, software automation, and Internet-ready!" However, the results of blood tests are simply blood-related symptoms -- of pollution.

Clinicians would present a microbiological defense, yet the same critique applies. Whatever they find in their microscopes would merely be the micro-symptoms (mutated DNA, deranged cell structure, etc) of poisoning.

The claims of virologists are moot because they do not discount toxicological factors. Viruses thereby lack crucial evidence for their very existence. This is common for all virus diseases, for example, polio. [Ostrom 2001]

Measles virus: Unproven Entity

Dissident virologist, Stefan Lanka PhD, in Germany, has long argued measles causation in terms of environmental and psycho-somatic factors.

Lanka found problems with the measles test.
The antibody Elisa test results, in Germany, always around 20% positivity for "Measles" and 80% for the confirming PCR test.
This observation of pervasive "measles" in the general population, is apparently ignored as background noise by the DOH/CDC. Apparently the DOH/CDC is responding propagandistically with vaccine programs -- to a new increase in public recognition of symptoms from a new and higher level of industrial pollution.

Lanka notes the lack of evidence for measles virus. He specifically critiques the work of virologist John F. Enders, PhD. [Article 2015] [Article 2001] [Interview 2018] [Virology details 2/2017, German Language]

The first paper was published in 1954 by Enders et al... Enders... cut down dramatically on the nutrient solution and added cell-destroying antibiotics to the cell culture before introducing the allegedly infected fluid. The subsequent dying of the cells was then misinterpreted as presence and also isolation of the measles virus. No control experiments were performed to exclude the possibility that it was the deprivation of nutrients as well as the antibiotics which led to the cytopathic effects.
Enders is also credited falsely for isolating poliovirus -- according to a critical review by journalist Neenyah Ostrom, on the authority of biochemist Howard Urnovitz, PhD. [ref]

[P]oliovirus was not actually isolated by these investigators, either. They successfully grew "filterable agents," which they assumed to be poliovirus, in human embryonic tissues.

Enders' fame as "The Father of Modern Vaccines" is perhaps due to a tremendous inheritance and his elite membership in Yale's wealthiest secret society. No joke. [ref]

The "discredited" Dr. Andrew Wakefield claims he found an association between measles virus, autism and the MMR vaccine. The mainstream punished him and his famous corrupt study was retracted. He is cast as a martyr by anti-vaxers. However, his study can be viewed as even more corrupt when understood as an industrial coverup, as a study that protects industrial interests by focusing on a fake measles virus and avoiding toxicology. The Wakefield drama is a polarizing disinfo drama, blocking progress in the area of autism prevention.

EPA Air Pollution Maps

Commonly available EPA data, such as its air pollution index ("AQI"), does not account for earth plume toxicity or stack pollution.

EPA AQI is an evaluation of five common outdoor air pollutants at ground level, that is, at the lowest floors.

EPA data is political. What may be the greatest air pollution sources (earth plumes and power plants) are invisible to the EPA. Here is PlaceILive's map of EPA air pollution data -- at the measles epicenter -- entirely "green".

Go to the source map and you'll also find JFK International Airport "green".

EPA approaches pollution like New York City approaches loud noise. Loud noise is illegal unless it is very loud (ambulances, fire trucks, subways, Harleys, etc).

harvoa Air Pollution Predictor Index (hAPI)

An air pollution predictor index based on barometric pressure and wind speed supports the idea that earth pollution is a major contribution to the epidemic.

hAPI is apolitical. It uses weather data to indicate changing air pollution concentrations in known polluting regions.

Given: Slow winds concentrate air pollution in industrial areas. High speed winds dilute air pollution. Low barometric pressures suck plume poisons out of the earth. High barometric pressures push deeper into the earth, reducing plume emissions.

hAPI = 1/(WindSpeed*BarometricPressure)

This index can be adjusted for various exposure scenarios. Pressure can be proportioned experimentally. The pressure factor won't make sense if there are no earth plumes. Yet if it does correlate and there are no apparent earth plumes, that would indicate hidden undiscovered pollution. It is a confident tool.

Here is an example of the index formula that enhances the effect of slow wind speed.

hAPI = 1/(WindSpeed*(BarometricPressure/2))

WindSpeed or BaroPressure or WindDirection can be used alone or together to reveal pollution sources -- as I have done with the present measles epidemic.

A great contribution to democracy would be if Google Maps or incorporated hAPI into their map sites and warnings as a pollution forecast. Areas near heavy traffic and Superfund sites would be visually reflect a higher index.

The following Air Pollution Index Timeline is compared against reported cases for the Brooklyn epidemics. The correlation of 14 of 17 movements make sense.

Next plan: A timeline graph of air pressure/speed versus EPA earth plume gas studies.


Pollution is the causation factor. Challenge: Can a measles epidemic be found in an area not severely polluted?

More data always benefits environmental theories, yet by necessity, Medicine controls and interprets environmental data. With environmental factors avoided, virus causation is therefore MOOT (i.e., unresolved, debatable). The need for emergency vaccination must then be moot.

If the DOH were to release a list of cases with locations (anonymized), then --

Expect most cases in basement or lower level apartments -- earth plumes.

Expect cases in the upper floor apartments, but not always measles cases -- stack pollution.

Parallel: This correlation with high floors was found in the SARS "virus" epidemic in Hong Kong. My research was published by The Weston A. Price Foundation. The obvious cause, postulated, was China's high strata stack pollution. SARS cases were above the 10th floor. Six months after publication of my work, UCLA published a study confirming air pollution correlations with SARS. The SARS drama disappeared, with an epidemiologist in Toronto declaring, "Bullshit". [ref]

Expect cases near the BQE and the bridge, in lower level apartments near earth plumes.

DOH press releases are not providing detail, as they have in the past. Dates and locations are not precise, just zip codes and case counts with about a 7 to 14 day timeframe resolution.

The DOH and CDC have an impossible burden of proof for all claims related to a virus and vaccines. The fact that obvious environmental factors were omitted makes their claims MOOT.

Generally, the mainstream strongly controls and interprets data, so commonsense conversation among citizens is a crucial option.

Prior Medical Disinfo, Examples

London 1952

The British government, tried to pass off  The Great London Smog of 1952, as an INFLUENZA epidemic, calling it "The Great London Fog". They tried hard but coal smog was overwhelmingly obvious. The government eventually admitted it was misrepresenting.

6,000 Londoners died and 25,000 later qualified for benefits related to illnesses and disabilities.

Devra Davis has researched and written an excellent article in History Today.

New York 2009, H1N1 Influenza

New York DOH and CDC routinely avoid environmental factors. I researched many school epidemics during the H1N1 "virus" epidemics of 2009.

I reviewed scores of school epidemics, but mainly I focused on St. Francis Middle School in Queens, located next to the Long Island Expressway. This epidemic was huge and sudden, attacking many students within 30 minutes.

Obviously, this was not a virus, as the DOH had declared. Environmental factors were avoided by use of virus drama.

A detailed article was published in The Townsend Letter, June 2010

The following is a brief summary.

12 hours of polluted air flowed unwavering, directly into the school from the expressway, before the morning the school opened. As the children began entered the school they began vomiting within 30 minutes.

A DOH team arrived in the afternoon and declared a virus emergency without toxicological tests (according to personnel interviews). The DOH online forum, dedicated to answering the public questions re this epidemic, closed immediately following my innocent inquiry regarding environmental testing.

The following aerial photo shows St. Francis adjacent The Long Island Expressway, waiting for epidemic conditions.

Aerial Photo

Unwavering Slow Wind for 12 Hours

The following is the same photo with computer-generated wind vectors representing wind speed and direction data. This shows very uncommon wind patterns focused upon the school, arriving from expressway after flowing down through the lanes, accumulating exhaust.

Earth plumes: This flu research found a school epidemic in Long Island where earth plumes exist but were not mentioned by DOH. No other obvious pollution source is apparent such as vehicle traffic or industry. The school was, however, situated near defunct military defense plants, i.e., Superfund sites. Winds were slow or still, preceding the outbreak.

* * *

Thanks to Gary Krasner, David Crowe, Adam Crazz, David Barouh and others for support and comments.

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