Friday, August 7, 2020

Mississippi COVID-19 Pre-Existing Disease

 by Jim West (please share and cite)

Mississippi (the COVID-19 hotspot, as of 8/7/2020)
44% of deaths are in Long Term Care, can be seen in  this chart of death statistics in  Mississippi, truncated and annotated here.
Most of the other 56% are likely suffering pre-existing diseases. The CDC has stated, generally,
The percentage of COVID-19 patients with at least one underlying health condition or risk factor was higher among those requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission (78%) and those requiring hospitalization without ICU admission (71%). [CDC]
Thus, COVID-19 is "helping" the economy by ousting vegetative vulnerable people from the planet.
Balance is the problem. "COVID-19" (as pollution and malpractice) is creating even more vegetables for the next season's harvest.

Yet, balance is always optimized. The challenge for global management: How to oust vegetable humans (increase Darwinian pressure) without creating too many more vegetables. This is a known toxicological problem for the required poisoning of human society -- to maintain "hormesis". 

Yes, poisoning is required according to global human management protocol. It is not just greedy industry making mistakes. So says Yuval Harari, elite historian.

This hormetic system for human society is in parallel with agricultural protocols. It is a long ongoing agenda, to optimize the global economic metabolism, and is hidden by journalism.

See how toxicologists explain required social poisoning: "Rationale for Industrial Poisoning".


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  1. in support of this we note that the ny times in may reported one third of all cv deaths in us were in nursing homes, as of end of july the number was at 41%


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