Monday, August 10, 2020

Medicine: Etymology

 by Jim West (please share and cite)

Here is an original yet likely accurate etymology of Medicine.


  •     Medi -- To meddle, mediate, intercept.
  •     -cine --  From Greek "kine", actually "kīnéō" (to move). The Greek word, "kinema" means "movement" with the syllable "-ma" (suffix meaning today, -ment). "-ma" can also mean "to seat". Commonly "cinema" was used since 1890s, to mean movie theater. "Kinema" may have meant to the ancients, in some contexts, "theater".

Thus, Medicine -- to mediate with action theater.

This suggests that Doctors must always be doing something and portraying fiction. They cannot leave well enough alone, or leave to nature (the patient). This meaning conforms with reality.

A Doctor is analogous to a religious priest with military support. Medicine was once the function of military judicial priests (e.g., the Levites in the Old Testament). And still are.

This can be seen with hospitals named after religious figures from all the major religions, and the Public Health System (PHS/CDC/NIH/FDA) as a branch of the U.S. military. 

All major religions support prenatal ultrasound and vaccines: Buddhism, Catholicism, Daoism, Islam, and Protestantism. Some Jewish and Christian sects do not support vaccines, such as some Hasadim and some Christian Scientists.

Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD (as described by Wikipedia) says that Medicine as an evil religion.

Robert S. Mendelsohn... portrayed doctors as powerful priests of a primitive religion, with dishonesty as its central ethic.

Here is Mendelsohn himself from his book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic. [Whale]

...doctors are really the priests of the Church of Modern Medicine, most people don’t deny them... Doctors... turn out to be dishonest, corrupt, unethical, sick, poorly educated, and downright stupid more often than the rest of society. 

Here is the fake mainstream etymology of Medicine.

Note that "Medicine" is split after the "c". Medic - ine

That split is suspect. It drives the origins of the word to be those which occur after the invention of the words with the root "Medic-", after the invention of Medical terms. 

The split results in the last syllable, "-ine", which could mean "pertaining to", though that seems meaningless in this context.


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