Saturday, August 1, 2020

NYC Water

by Jim West (please share and cite)

New York City claims to have a multi-billion $ filtration system. [Ref]
What good is that filtration system when there are so many ways that NYC water can be contaminated as it travels through local pipeline systems that run through the City's polluted earth, before it gets to the customer?
NYC brags that its water is perfect yet it does not warn its population that its water is piped through NYC toxic earth on its way to the consumer. 

These spill poisons can find their way into the City water pipes and joints. In the earth, oscillating pressure and shock waves work toxic plumes into the crevices and imperfections of the pipe system. Human error also causes water toxicity.

Industrial Spills (EPA database)

Thus water should be filtered or distilled before final use. This can only be done effectively by the customer, or building management.
Toxic Dumping

The City dumps several toxic chemicals into the water supply, e.g., fluoride, chlorine, etc. It ignores these as it brags about its water purity. 

The City ignores chemical toxicity if it is below the declared EPA hazard threshold. Even if the combined toxicity level (of several compounds) exceeds a single compound's toxicity level.

Perhaps the City should not be filtering and treating and just get out of the way and save our tax money. 

It should warn citizens that they should be filter their own water. They must do this even with the best filtering and treatment plans, due to the unpredictable potential for human disaster. But gov cannot admit fault. It pays billions to maintain images of faith in central power.

We must filter or distill our water supply individually.

My method

Distill water with a pinch of sodium carbonate ("washing soda" at the local market), to react with petrochemicals that would otherwise vaporize and go with the distiller's output and condense into the receiving container. The reaction products then have a higher boiling point. By this I avoid the hassle of activated carbon filters.

This will not work for all scenarios, all contaminants. 

People have long used sodium bicarbonate ("baking soda") to remove (by reaction) organic odor, and washing soda is the mild sister compound of sodium carbonate. 

Washing soda can be made from bicarbonate of soda by heating at high temp in the stove, driving out CO2. This explains how people can clean an oven by merely painting baking soda onto the inner stove, and heating.

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