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Gluten Intolerance Scam

by Jim West (please share and cite)

Mainstream definitions 

"Celiac disease is a... autoimmune disorder that is triggered by ingestion of gluten [a protein in some grains] in genetically susceptible individuals. A common disorder [celiac disease], affecting about 1% of the population, patients can present with a variety of intestinal and non-intestinal symptoms [often described as "gluten intolerance" in 6% of the population]." []

Industrial Medicine claims (as usual) that these disorders are caused by the victim, with its use of the words "autoimmune" and "genetically susceptible". [Sci Am] 

Women are more likely to be gluten intolerant, and as much as 80% more likely to have celiac disease.

The word "intolerant" is a strategic bias term, because all normal humans digest normal gluten easily, even ravenously. [Forbes]

With all due respect, the alternative health industry errs by describing causation as due to innately toxic wheat with their references to sterile, complex and myopic lab studies similar to the MO of the pseudo-science called virology. [GreenMedInfo]

The usual mainstream treatment is to avoid toxic gluten. That succeeds to some extent, but causation needs a closer look.

Causal correlations

Celiac is Greek for "belly". Celiac disease often follows pregnancy, birthing, or surgery! [Cleveland Clinic] 

That points to the usual suspect -- Modern Medicine (as revealed by R. S. Mendelsohn, MD).

The celiac epidemic began circa 1991, when ultrasound machine intensity was allowed by the FDA at 16x the prior intensity. HPV gynecological wart epidemics began immediately. Warts are a well-known radiation disease, as described by medical literature from the early 1900s.

The authorities publicly state that ultrasound intensity was raised 16x in 1992, but the date is actually 1991 (I have an official paper on this). The fake date of 1992 hides the ultrasound correlation with HPV epidemics, which began in 1991.

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, researched Roundup pesticide, which is used as a preharvest treatment of wheat to supposedly increase harvesting efficiency. Here is her correlating timeline, celiac disease and Roundup.

Substantial poisoning of wheat with Roundup began in 1991. That is a complicating distraction for the more important processing of prenatal children with ultrasound. I believe that this processing could be for the same reason that agricultural seeds are poisoned and radiated -- to increase their hyperactivity and growth rate. See obesity stats below.

Seneff's toxicology research was also published by Greenmedinfo, though it did not cross-ref Sayer-Ji's article in Greenmedinfo promoting wheat's "innate" toxicity as causative for celiac disease.

The small intestine

Celiac disease is primarily a disease of the small intestine, an organ which is situated in the zone of prenatal ultrasound exposure. Thus child and the mother are damaged by prenatal ultrasound.

The more general issue of autoimmune disease prevailing in women is also due to another form of radiation imaging, mamograms, much more so than the mainstream view (genetics are causative). John Gofman, PhD, a leading expert in the field of radiation disease, estimates that 75% of breast cancers are due to mammograms.

The small intestine, its delicate membranes, villi, etc are thereby weakened permanently by medical imaging radiation (ultrasound, x-rays, MRI), and this intestine then cannot protect well against the ingestion of Roundup in wheat, or against any other agra-toxic chemicals, or any other toxic chemicals. Transferes of nutrition and waste become dysfunctional.

The fetus, the reproductive organs, and the mother's small intestine and other organs are adjacent each other. Ultrasound damages them all.

Villi everywhere

The intestinal villi are mini-tubules that line the inside of the small intestine channel (the "lumen"). Each villi is covered with hair-like micro-villi, and the net area is approximately 2,700 square feet. These micro-villi absorb nutrients and emit waste into the channel. 

These intricate structures are severely damaged in celiac patients. [Cleveland Clinic]  [CHP]

Similarly, nearby, the mild prenatal ultrasound easily damages the choronic villi in pregnant women. Must read: The definitive study by JZhang on this topic of ultrasound damage to villi. Like the intestinal villi, chorionic villi transfer nutrition and waste between mother and fetus.

Summarizing this slam-dunk argument: Chorion villi and intestine villi are adjacent and thus both exposed to gynecological or prenatal ultrasound. Both are thus damaged. Ultrasound's ability to damage villi is scientically confirmed at mild exposure. The intestinal villi are extremely vulnerable to ultrasound because they are covered with delicate micro-villi.

The small intestine consists of seven intricate layers that protect the body from poisons and foreign matter. [Wikipedia] Each villi in the drawing below is covered with microvilli (not labelled). 

The complexity of the small intestines demonstrates that much cellular intricacy is available for ultrasound to damage, beyond just the villi.

I have always wondered what happened to the topic of ultrasound damage to women. There is very little word of that, though women complain in online forums of bleeding after ultrasound sessions and a human study in my first ultrasound book confirms ultrasound causation. Bleeding is the result of breakage, and not of the fetus alone, the mother too.

Even mild ultrasound exposure damages cells, hormones, membranes, etc.[harvoa]

Genetic vulnerability

The finding of "mutated" genes correlates with celiac disease, however, those are not mutatated genes, rather they are radiation damaged genes. For many other so-called genetic diseases, this would be the case. 

Genetic correlations with disease are declared confirmed by the use of twin studies, but these studies have no foundation, because, for example, they are based on the Equal Environment Assumption (EEA). If based on such an assumption, then the study results must also be an assumption. For example, it is obvious that twins, exposed to ultrasound, would inadvertenly shade each other from the damage of ultrasound radiation. Each twin would have different ultrasound damage patterns. Thus no equal environment, no equal exposure, no valid study.

The fake science of blaming genes for disease is examplified by this lab study title.

UNC45A deficiency causes microvillus inclusion
disease–like phenotype by impairing myosin 
VB–dependent apical trafficking [JCI]

Try to read the article. It maximizes complexity to inspire awe but not science. Medical fake science generally evades the rule of argument known as Occam's Razor, which states that the obvious is best until deemed invalid, and only then should complexity be allowed into the argument. Medicine seeks complexity before simplicity. It declares emergency to rationalize and implement the irrational -- to avoid the obvious.

Pandora's Box

This article opens the critical door to a vast array of diseases that are obviously related to villi with medical and other industrial radiation (pervasive EMF, x-rays, MRI, mammograms, ultrasound, etc). Ultrasound is AM radio band EMF transformed from electromagnetic frequencies to electromechanical frequencies by way of a piezo-electric crystal.

Microvilli are everywhere throughout the body, in all capillaries, many organs, wherever there is a need for fluid transport at a wide range of controlled volume. Villi act as audio transducers perceiving sound in the inner ear.

GI disorders re gluten, lectin, etc, indicate a larger health disaster.


Mother's sudden weight gain following pregnancy (ultrasound) is likely due to the inability of the intestines and other organs to process food and waste properly, and thereby, massive amounts of food must be eaten to obtain nutritional energy, to skim off carbohydrates. Additonally, the liver cannot store starch-based energy efficiently and thus the entire body must be used to store energy as fat.

Medicine avoids toxicological thinking and declares that postpartum obesity is due to the stress of pregnancy and a mother's lack of time to exercise. 75% of women gain at least 10 pounds postpartum, Obesity in mothers correlates with newborn disorders.

The USA has the most comprehensive Modern Medical system, yet 2/3rds of its females over age 20 are "overweight or obese", averaging 171 pounds and childhood obesity is the highest of the most populated countries.[NIH IDDK] The cure is exercise, nutrition and hydration.[MedNewsToday]

The cartoon scifi movie, WALL-E, is a preview of the future that normalizes the present. The population living in space are a blend of obesity and Down's syndrome. Both disorders can be explained by universal exposure to prenatal imaging radiation. The movie is telling us that obesity and stupidity are the unavoidable consequences of modernity.

Postpartum depression

Birth should be a time for celebration and enthusiasum with the newborn -- after an expected and normal successful pregnancy. But success is rare because Medicine treats pregnancy as a disease and bombards mothers with destructive imaging and often toxic treatments. If lucky, birth is usually an achievement of mere survival by the mother and fetus.

It is then a time for depressive reflection for the rest of the mother's life. Medicine supplies toxic psych drugs and propaganda to the mother and child, and that confuses what should be the natural result of such reflection, suspicion of the Medical process. 

In case you missed the memo and are not depressed, Jeanice Barcelo collected and wrote about the thoughts of women who were forced to experience, see, and understand the overwhelming horror of birth via Medicine.[Search for her banned books]

Gestational diabetes

This is common and with an exponentially growing incidence. It occurs generally during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Fetal and gynecological medical imaging is likely the cause. It is greatly undercounted.

Those who experience such diabetes have a 70% of having Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by 20 years later.

Women's stories

A friend is now on the verge of death, in a wheelchair, dazed out of her mind. Years ago, she slowly degenerated, beginning when smartmeters were rolled out in her neighborhood. At first she had difficulty walking, then breathing, then crutches and a wheelchair. Two smartmeters were attached to the wall near her bedroom, Fluorescent lighting sits near her head as she studies her laptop situated on her stomach with a router nearby. I tried in vain to alert her, but she blocked me by proudly stating that her disorder was due to a capillary microvillus disease as explained to her by a doctor at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. She would not continue the conversation.

A friend has permanent GI tract problems following childbirth. She informs me that she believes her doctors, that birth is very difficult, painful, and damaging to women. Birth is the cause, and women deserve extra-special medical attention, unique to women, and to which they are deprived. She will not allow conversation on the topic of medical radiation.

A friend told me how she bravely stood up against doctors and vax friends, not allowing her children to be vaccinated. Yet both children have major issues. I was heartbroken, and had not the will nor diplomatic ability to tell her about ultrasound.

Another, who suffers gluten sensitivity, brought up the topic of gluten disorder. She expresses the common Medical view about wheat, of which she is well informed, however, she blocks conversation.


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