Sunday, August 9, 2020

Critique: "COVID-19 Isolated in Canadian Lab"

 by Jim West (please share and cite)

It was announced on March 12, 2020, that the COVID-19 virus was isolated by a Canadian Lab. See this press release from McMaster University:

Because Medicine has an extremely bad reputation, this mere announcement cannot be taken at face value. How bad is Medicine? Many examples abound, as exemplified by John Horton, Senior Editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, who admitted that in general, 50% of published Medical studies are likely invalid. [JRappoport]

Unpublished studies should then be even more untrustworthy. This study will be published possibly in September 2020, but under what terms? Peer-review, or just a description without going through a critical gauntlet?

Even if it were published, it would not survive dissident criticism. See how to argue against virology. Their avoidance of environmental toxicology invalidates their work.

When I find that this study is published, I will return to review the announced study.

Off-hand I can say that this is not a seminal discovery, but a followup of prior work by other scientists who claim to have discovered and properly characterized COVID-19 virus. The earlier, seminal study should be critiqued.

This study does not attempt to prove the existence of COVID-19 virus, and it does not verify for itself that it is actually working with COVID-19 virus. It is taking on faith the word of prior work, as the basis for its work, and it is overlooking flaws in prior work.

The title is stunning, "key role in isolating COVID-19 virus... urgent research".

The title, like much Medical news, stresses emergency and "urgency", and that attitude encourages everyone including the scientists, to skip a close read of the details.

Disclaimer: The author is not an authority or professional. For medical advice, see a trusted professional without delay. All statements are hypotheses for discussion. Constructive criticism is welcome.

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  1. this is a great example of "virology made easy", or
    "virus by proclamation".

  2. I have a few thoughts to share with you.

    My work entails interaction with people who are either mentally ill or faking the condition to manipulate the legal system for a shorter sentence for some crime. I prefer to deal with those with real mental illness issues. Psychiatrists seem to do nothing but prescribe medication (knowing it often does nothing for the patient other than dampen symptoms.

    That said, let me add interpretation in light of my experience with MDs who act more like snake oil salesmen than healers. Mind you, I do not beleive all fall into this class, but some ...


    Medicine is a practice, the physician is the one who practices. Theater may be related to practice as an art.

    Actor is one who plays a role in theater. Actor is also one who does something. On the contrary ...

    A patient is one who waits for something to be done(much like the member of an audience at a play, who waits for actors to perform).
    medicine – the practice in which one interferes with the motions of the body.

    The act(practice or art) pf interfering with functions of a body(to treat affliction, injury or disease). Actor is the physician who pretends to know what a patient suffers from. He acts to apply medicien to make the patient better.

    Physicians do not need to prove competence or rate of success. They practice as long as people come to them for their services. One does not know if his physician is a) intelligent b) knowledgeable or c) skillful. Other than by word from a trustworthy source, these things cannot be ascertained.

    Hope this was not a waste of your time. Thank You

    1. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

      Skepticism I still think, should apply to virtually all physicians, because they all promote the devastating procedure of fetal ultrasound and other dubious procedures. Most do this willingly and ignorantly. Others may wish to desist, but they cannot, otherwise they take a chance on having their careers wrecked.

      You write, "as long as people come to them for their services". A people's choice of action, is not really their choice because they are filled with disinformation. A choice must be informed or else it is not really a choice.

  3. You said: "A choice must be informed or else it is not really a choice."

    An uninformed man can make a choice between treatment or no treatment. Either x 'what I know' versus y 'what I do not know'. None choose without knowing something against what one does not know because he has not been informed. What he fails to recognize is that he knows no more afterward than he did prior. That is not good.

    On the other hand, I am informed but CA has refused to let adults decide for their children by mandating vaccines. At the same time, MDs who administrate them have no time to discuss the matter. Even when a child asks for reasons why. Some of the young grow wise in a few years and begin to reject the "do it, or else-" order. I admire that.

    An informed man does have other choices as well. Stop support for MDs and medical establishment for political reasons. Stop support for drug administration - useless prescriptions, over-prescriptions, off label prescriptions - and avoid use of Health Care unless personal conditions are projected as life-threatening.

    Stop listening to propaganda. Stop listening to lies and half-truths - which is really the same thing.

    Stop pretending that most people are not robots. The opposite appears more likely. I open my mouth a little too freely sometimes, then bow my head a bit for a silent "damn" because what I hear from the other person reminds me of CNN or FOX or some other false source of reality.

    I would rather hear a personal story of a whole family perishing from COVID19 while running from a forest fire in the middle of the night to mail their ballots in. IF IT WERE REAL.

    WHO and CDC have implemented training to manipulate people who do not want a vaccine injection. Nurses are not supposed to be 'smooth talkers' intent on changing a patient's mind. He or she is present to prevent harm and injury(at the present time). The future? Who can predict a future event? Tell me.

    Just before I go.

    Recall the old motion pictures in which someone would collapse and a member of the crowd would shout "Is there a doctor in the house? Is there a doctor ...?"

    At present.

    I have not witnessed this ever. When someone collapses, a competent person comes out of nowhere. Not all the time. But often. At work, the speed of response can be impressive.

    "Can someone help, please? Help me .. my mother .. my husband? ..." I heard pleas for help, but no call for a doctor.

    All in all, this is all preaching to the choir.

    Thank You and Good Will to You,



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