Monday, August 3, 2020

COVID Anecdotes

by Jim West (please share and cite)

The Violent MASKER, again, 8/1/2020

11am. I'm looking for a public area with low EMF, using the the am radio test. I forgot to put on my mask.

I get about six feet from a man sitting on a bench. 

Man: "Stay away from me. Social distance."

I see he has no mask. "You should be wearing a mask. It's the law."

Man: "I don't want to hear your bullshit!" I realize this is the same rude man I had met a few weeks earlier. [See "Violent MASKER" below]

Me: "You already have it."

The man lurches forward violently as if to attack me. Then he settles back into his bench.

I stand unaffected with a smile. "How strange," and I walk away.

I reflect, and remind myself that it is not good to make enemies.

The Violent MASKER, 7/5/2020

A mask mandate has been declared in my city.

I'm sitting on a park bench at 8:30am, and nobody is near. A man (age ~65) walks over and sits 15 feet away. 

Man: "Are you aware that a mask must be worn in public space?"

Me: I reach for my mask and begin putting it on. "Yes... but..."

Man: "I don't want to hear your bullshit!"

Me: "Yet, I'd like to hear yours." Man walks off in a huff, and apparently calls the police. Five minutes later a cop car shows up and parks, politely positioned towards me. I walk towards the cop car and veer past.

Obsessive Maskers 7/20/2020

At 3am when the city is abandoned, I see a single person walking down the street in the dark, walking out of the city, wearing a COVID mask.

A person is driving a car, windows rolled up, A/C on, wearing a mask.

Solitary people are wearing masks with pride, as if they are wearing a crisp military uniform, as if they are a member of a cult, making a brave statement.

Posters 7/10/2020

Poster says "We are a community that cares. Please respect our wishes and wear a mask."

Poster says: "Masks are mandated. It's the law. Mask up buttercup!"

After a few weeks, these posters are being torn down.

The Blunt Believer, 6/5/2020

I'm alone in a park, nobody near. An acquaintance walks up to say hi.

Acq: "You know that this city is experiencing a dramatic rise in COVID cases?"

Me: "Cases are undefined. Testing is ramping up and there is a natural reflection of testing. And a better marker is deaths. COVID is known to be related to air pollution, and we have little air pollution here."

Acq: Insultingly, "You're one of those people who goes on the Internet and researches stuff."

I reflect a dismay. My acquaintance feels bad. He walks away.


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