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Utility Earth Radiation (UPDATE 6/18/2021)

 by Jim West (please share and cite)

For months I have tested an abandoned house attic scenario to safely sleep above UER (Utility Earth Radiation). See the history of this long investigation.

(This post is not only about UER. Since I solved much of the UER problem by sleeping 10 feet off the ground, my main problems are the usual concept of EMF, radiation from powerlines, smartmeters and WiFi.)

Each EMF shielding or location improvement would follow with the body thankfully accepting this improvement with symptom reduction, e.g., swollen ankles disappearing, no muscle cramps, etc. Then some symptoms, like RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), would slowly return as the body came to recognize the new toxic EMF patterns. 

This process of toxicity discovery is a cycle, a journey, like peeling back onion layers.

I had long suspected that one block to progress is the metal structure of the building, metal roof and siding. While metal is a shield, it is also a reflector. I recognized that the building is an inverted metal cup laying over an earthen bed of UER. The cup would then reflect and intensify UER.

With increasing symptoms and warm weather arriving, I finally took action. I slept not in the attic, but outside and upon the metal roof, allowing it to shield me from the UER while removing any reflections from the building and its roof. 

Major improvement. My sore back has lessened. I could wake up and get up with a sit-up, using my stomach muscles, which was not easy previously. I would usually have to turn over on my side or stomach and use a pushup action.

Sleep was clean and deep. No jaw cramp at the transition into sleep.

All this without the usual shielding, that is, the EMF hazmat suit! This low level of EMF symptoms was unprecedented during the last seven years. However, there remained RLS for a few minutes before falling asleep.

On the third day, I used the hazmat suit, and not very carefully... yet all was perfect. A new level of healing through natural sleep has been found. Deep sleep is necessary to avoid health disaster, to refresh the body/mind and to creatively solve problems. 

Now with this new information, new plans are being considered: Lay down large format aluminum foil over the floor underlayment? Remove aluminum siding, but what about encroaching 5G? Etc.


After 4 days,  my body detected the rooftop scenario's EMF patterns and symptoms, mainly RLS, began and intensified greatly day after day,

This forcefully drove me back into attic with its aluminum siding, and very grateful for it.

This taught me that UER was clearly not my main problem.

I used my new "sock" sleeping bag (sewed of Staticot), which improved the attic scenario. Things were thankfully acceptable. But improvements were to be made.

The only EMF sources I could determine from my roof experience were the nearest neighbor's smartmeter (45 ft) and the power cables running to that meter (Neighbor #1).

Aluminum does not shield well the somewhat lower frequencies of powerlines and smartmeters. Copper does fairly well.

Thus, when I put copper/nickel/polyester ripstop fabric, advocated for smartmeters, between me and those sources -- my symptoms reduced greatly, but still with some RLS. I grounded the fabric to a metal pipe in the ground, things got twice better. So far this is possibly my best but not perfect life.

Experimenting with grounding, I would not advocate putting two grounds in the earth because of the earth utility frequencies running between the two grounds.

It became very clear that smartmeters and simple utility power cables emit much EMF.

The mainstream toxified person would have trouble seeing the changing EMF patterns via their symptoms, because it is a scenario determined by symptoms against various shielding setups. My symptoms are accurate because I imbibe no stimulants or depressants of any kind, air pollution is low, and food/water are clear of toxics.

I ponder how to convince this neighbor to opt out of his smartmeter. But he is a mainstream believer, suffering but blind. Not easy to approach on the topic of EMF. I've tried.

I bought more shielding fabric and I am putting together a summary and links re smartmeter hazards for him.

Smartmeters are a strategic form of population torture. The refs provided at the end of this post detail the misrepresentation.

Improvement 1

Recently I made adjustments to my shielding scenario with apparent success. A week of experience with this will tell if it is a real success.

I doubled up my existing copper/nickel ripstop shielding and that helped.

Two sides are not facing the Neighbor #1. So on one side, vulnerable to the smartmeter of a more distant neighbor, I stapled up some silver polyester thread fabric, good for high frequencies. Another improvement.

I waited a few days to verify this scenario. It is good, but some slight RLS before sleeping. I found that RLS is not related only to leg exposure to EMF, but to any EMF exposure. RLS is just telling us to leave the toxic area.


I added copper/nickel ripstop over the silver fabric, to shield against lower frequencies such as  from smartmeters. This was an immediate disaster. Strong RLS and jaw biting.

Apparently, the copper fabric failed because it blocked any escape route for the lower frequencies, and they were reflecting and resonating within my shielding cage. 

Constructing a shielding scenario is like building a musical instrument. Both deal with frequencies.

Return to prior scenario

I returned to the previous scenario, where I had put up the silver fabric. All was still good. Except some pulled foreleg tendons and ligaments which were healing for too long, for weeks. Any healing process is undermined by EMF and the wound must call for much more energy, and that call manifests as "pain".

I measured with meters. High frequencies (WiFi) were near zero. The Trifield meter showed rapid low level fluctuations probably from the powerline and smartmeters (0.0 to 0.6 mG). Not good but not too bad.

The silver fabric succeeds by blocking high frequencies from the direction of Neighbor 2, but allowing lower frequencies from powerlines and smartmeters, which are less directional, to escape.

I am very thankful for what I have, but I need a week more of experience to know for sure about this present shielding scenario. 

Things are changing and 5G antennae are being set up in the area. These are not the high frequency types of 5G, just apparently the 5G protocol and modernized antennae with frequencies ranging around 3.3-4.2Ghz (up from prior 2.4Ghz).

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