Friday, November 6, 2020

COVID-19 virus and Occam's Razor

by Jim West (please share and cite)

There is a real 2019-2020 respiratory pandemic, however, it is claimed to be caused by an invisible COVID-19 virus. 

This claim violates commonsense rules of argument, as described by Aristotle, Occam, Russell, Wittgenstein, and others, that...

Simple explanations should be prioritized over the complex. 

[The] law of parsimony is the problem-solving principle that "entities should not be multiplied without necessity"... [Wikipedia]

Virus theories embrace and cultivate complexity, like a chess player does when faced with a losing game.


Any virus criticism can be stalled by increasing the complexity of the virus argument. The human instinct for problem solving is exploited by authoritatively maximizing complexity, as for example, the discovery of the SARS-HKU1 virus, a closely related predecessor of the COVID-19 virus:

Despite extensive laboratory investigations in patients with respiratory tract infections, no microbiological cause can be identified... In the past 3 years, several novel respiratory viruses... were discovered... PCR products (440-bp fragment of pol) were subjected to a melting curve analysis (65 to 95°C, 0.1°C/s) to confirm the specificity of the assay. Cloning and purification of His6-tagged recombinant N protein of CoV-HKU1. To produce a plasmid for protein purification, primers (5′-TTTT CCTTTT GCGGCC GCTT AAGCA ACAGA GTCTT CTA-3′ and 5′-CGGAATT CGATGT CTTAT ACTCCC GGT-3′) were used to amplify the gene encoding the N protein of CoV-HKU1 by RT-PCR. [ref]


Air pollution is the simple and obvious explanation for respiratory disease. Everyone knows this from personal experience. The residents of COVID-19 epicenters (Wuhan, northern Italy, etc) know this, as they were wearing air pollution masks and living under air pollution lockdowns for decades before COVID-19. I experienced lung inflammation at the end of 2019 in New York City, and I and many others also experienced this during March-April during 2020 in the Tucson area.

The COVID-19 epicenter, Wuhan China
as portrayed by The Guardian (2012), Photo: STR/AFP/Getty

Avoiding the obvious

All COVID-19 epicenters suffer long-term air pollution. 

The mainstream admits that long-term air pollution is the primary cofactor, thereby maintaining the virus theory. However, it does not mention pollution as the short-term initiating trigger. COVID-19 virus was assigned that role.

Short-term air pollution, as the pandemic trigger, is never mentioned.

The essential toxicological controls are missing for all investigations (laboratory, clinical diagnoses, epidemiology, conjecture, opinion, journalism).

This gross omission invalidates COVID-19 virus theory. 

Wikipedia ("Scientific Control"), states that studies are valid, "as long as there weren't other confounding factors that affected the result."


"Virus" is an energy trap. 

Defeat any virus argument by merely asking for the toxicology studies.


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  1. "Defeat any virus argument by merely asking for the toxicology studies"

    It's impossible to defeat an argument when "professionals", public officials and their family members are getting paid to go along with the hoax. Most people believe what they see on television, see in the newspapers and what their government and health officials are stating. Thank you for this information, as it is slowly waking people up.

    1. The "no virus" argument has had more publicity during 2020 than ever previously.

      We can at least defeat virus fanatics one-on-one, by merely asking them to support their claims.

      This must provide controls for toxicity. They have never included such controls.


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