Friday, April 10, 2020

Mike Adams calls David Icke INSANE for calling COVID-19 a HOAX

by Jim West (please share and cite)

David Icke was interviewed by Brian Rose of, 4/5/2020.  Icke described coronavirus (COVID-19) as an exploitive hoax.

Mike Adams is a major critic of the medical system, however, Icke went too far for Adams.

Adams went ballistic with an article (4/9/2020), attempting to smash David Icke’s view of COVID-19 with slurs and ad hominem attacks.

Adams (photo below) promotes "natural antivirals" that protect against "viruses". If COVID-19 is a hoax, then he might appear to be promoting and profiting from a hoax. He cannot have that!

He unloads a personal attack on Icke, while claiming, “I’m actually among the most science-educated persons in independent media…”

Name calling

The independent media has been afflicted with a dangerous new contagion that I’m calling “Stupid-19.” It’s characterized by people who believe viruses aren’t real…

Adams is in effect, referring to dissident virologist Stefan Lanka, The Perth Group, Anthony Brink, David Crowe at Rethinking AIDS, as well as David Icke.

The esteemed epidemiologist, Sucharit Bhakdi, states that COVID viruses are real, however, they have long cohabited with humans. These viruses are not a hazard enough to cause a severe pandemic. He describes the media drama and medical response as absurd. He sees air pollution as much more probable than COVID-19. Because COVIDs are so common in humans, the pandemic could be, in part, a pandemic of testing. Bhakdi has 250 publications listed in PubMed. Apparently, Adams would also deem Bhakdi stupid.

Unsupported slur

Brian Rose [interviewer] didn’t challenge Icke… He let Icke roll out extremely bad misinformation grounded in science illiteracy without halting him with basic questions like, “If the virus isn’t real, then why did China enforce draconian quarantine measures that nearly destroyed its domestic economy in order to stop the spread of the virus?”

Adams, the medical critic, suddenly appears to trust the medical system, to trust the purported reasons for “quarantine measures... to stop the spread of the virus”. He is livid with cyclic logic. He must know, that if COVID-19 is not real, then the quarantines must be a charade.

The COVID-19 shutdowns have been for “nonessential” activities. Still active are government, military, transportation, Internet stores, communications, the chemical industry, utilities, electronics, agriculture and distribution, chemical industry, the media, and the medical complex. If a shutdown activity were drastically threatening the US economy, then it would simply be re-categorized as an essential activity.

The word “virus” can be used for many purposes...

For example, virus drama distracts from the most obvious cause of respiratory disease at the epicenter (Wuhan, China). Photo: CNN 7/11/2019.

The word “virus” protects polluting industries. No virus is required for an understanding of the cause of respiratory disease in Wuhan.

Insane labeling

Apparently, David Icke believes that China, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK, the United States and nearly a hundred other countries all got together and simultaneously agreed to run a global lockdown hoax and destroy their own domestic economies as part of a worldwide hoax. That’s literally what he believes. Such a belief is insane.

Economies are not being destroyed; they are changing. COVID-19 and protocols like self-isolation, are levers. Assets and power are shifting. Economic evolutions are occurring. Culture and law are changing. The vulnerable are highly stressed. Everyone is being challenged. Polluting industries must be protected with whatever circus is necessary.

Hypes guilt

…a very large number of independent media followers are convinced it’s all fake. That encourages them to avoid wearing masks or washing hands, thereby encouraging the further spread of the infections that are getting people killed by the thousands each day in America alone… David Icke and other pandemic denialists are complicit in the deaths of these people.

Rather than a scientific rebuttal to Icke, Adams uses fear and guilt to get his way. Big Pharma also sells its products by dramatizing fear and guilt. Adams and Pharma both do this with the germ theory of disease.

This sales technique distracts people from environmental awareness. Notice the mainstream media's ratio of attention paid to dubious COVID-19 infection compared to Wuhan's very obvious air pollution hell.

For other examples, in his book, How to Beat the Bird Flu, he hypes virus fear and vaccine efficacy, while promoting "natural antivirals". He seems to be of two minds, to put it nicely -- as if he were Modern Medicine in Nature's Clothing. learn how to boost your flu immunity to prevent infection and where to find natural antiviral treatments. Remember, when the vaccines run out, antiviral foods, herbs and minerals are going to be your only option.

Is this how Adams’ business has survived so well, despite his severe attacks on powerful pharma? Adams can clarify these issues.

Adams goes to the wall to hype the Coronavirus pandemic. Media Matters quotes Adams, 2/20/2020:

We’re going to get into the heads of the globalists here to try to understand what they are thinking when they released this global pandemic and engineered this weapon against human beings, the Wuhan coronavirus.

Adams would look more foolish pushing that conspiracy if people like David Icke are correct about COVID-19 being a hoax. Adams is attacking them, but he is off to an unscientific start.


Mike Adams... please clarify your positions. And, what text convinced you that viruses are real, and that they are disease-causing agents?

Later, we can deal with your claim that COVID-19 is an "engineered weapon". You might want to prepare by reviewing the following deconstruction of the word, "virus", here.

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  1. Thank you very much for this post. I've watched Mike Adams on Infowars for a decade as well as frequenting ALSO, though, I am a huge fan of David Knight and David K. is in tune with David I. on this issue and his program, day after day, these last weeks has hit hard on the whole Corona-end-of-the-world-sham and he has been attacked by Mike Adams, too---and responded on his show to Mike.

    I have been so curious about his sudden belief in the claims of the CDC. You will note, of course, that Mike does NOT attack Jon Rappoport! (who, BTW, gave the link to your blog, thank you very much Jon). The last thing Mike would want is for people to read Jon's website where several decades of information totally destroys all of Mike's claims.

    So, is it in the end so simple: Mike's hysterics sells his stuff? Or does he belong to a group that plays the long game?

    The last few days Alex Jones has been emphasizing the 20 million or more additional deaths worldwide from starvation due to the economic shutdown. The toll could be higher---yet Mike Adams is fiercely holding to the need for the shutdown. So strange.

    The title of his article about Dr. Phil says it all. BUT, importantly, read the comments. Virtually none of his readers is buying his line anymore.

    "Dr. Phil, who’s not an infectious disease expert, claims lockdowns and economic shutdown are worse for people than coronavirus itself"

    As one comment states: "Oh and mike you are not a infectious disease expert or virologist either."

    And Mike is ignoring the statements of true epidemiologists like the one at Stanford and the one in Sweden AND the one in Germany (as you've cited).

    I truly wonder, does Mike Adams really not care about the deaths due to the economic shutdown? Does he not care about the estimated 800,000 additional suicides in the U.S.? What about all the flower farm workers in Kenya and Ethiopia who now have no income because their flowers are not being sold in Europe?

    The list goes on and on. How can he be so blind to this suffering and to the points you make and that Jon Rappoport makes and David Knight makes? Wow.

  2. I have followed Mike Adams for years! I was shocked and very disappointed in his reaction to the C virus. He is usually so right on about many things and it is like he has done an about face! It makes me wonder how much he is being paid to spout this garbage???!!!

  3. This article is further proof that Mike Adams is controlled opposition, just like people like Wakefield, Blaxill, Polley Tommy, probably Del Bigtree and others. They all believe in the "virus". Of course, I've known for a long time that Mike Adams is untrustworthy, with his website being full of conservative propaganda, mainstream World War 2 references and sometimes very strong views on certain issues, including being a Trump supporter. Don't get me wrong, I'm conservative too on many issues, but I feel that Adams overdoes it.

    Of course, I have never visited his website to seek truth in any other arena than in health. I had previously assumed he was legit in that area, since he talks about the medical cartel and correctly identifies pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, as being more harmful than beneficial in most cases.

    However, it's looking more as if he is a pro-vaxxer in disguise, used to control the narrative, if that statement in his book is any guide. He seems to imply pandemic flu shots are justified. If that's the case, then should a covid-19 vaccine make an appearance, we may very well see him tell his readers to take it. If this happens, he'll reveal his true colors.

    Thanks for revealing the truth...I could have found out myself, but haven't been to his website for several months as there are far better sources of information and now I have even less reason to go there again.

  4. Thanks for the blog loaded with so many information. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for. Mike Telvi

  5. Jim, I appreciate all that you are saying. I think an essential piece is to circle back to the fracked oil/cyanide connection and the changed emissions. Can you do that? Has someone taken that further, building on your work? It remains there as an assertion but needs documentation.

    1. Stu, I am copying your comment to the COVID-19 trigger page.


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