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EMF and Musicians

by Jim West (please share and cite)

Carpal Tunnel

Guitar players have been plagued with carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle cramps. This is a modern era phenomena. The term "carpal tunnel" was lightly mentioned circa 1892, which correlates with the advent of radio transmissions. But the term only became common around 1932. That correlates with electric guitar and electric appliance popularity.

Fine muscle function and any coordination is related to chronic and acute EMF exposure

Poignant question by a chiropractor, Dr. Keith Lynch:

Have you ever wondered why the old manual typewriters didn’t cause carpal tunnel and the new easy-to-push electric computer keyboards are causing so many problems?[ref]

Only adrenaline and other supportive hormone-like macro-molecules keep the ship stable. Eventually, the ship is overloaded and it sinks. The musician cries tragedy, sees a Medical Doctor, who will ignore the musician's environment (WHO orders him not to empathize with patients who suspect EMF). 

He will likely advise surgery and/or pills on the diagnostic basis that carpal tunnel is caused by repetitive motion. The Doctor collects a fee and unless the environment is changed by wisdom or accident, a greater health disaster awaits... with more fees.

The environment of an electric musician is worse than the average person's environment: Wah-Wah pedals, equalizers, synthesizers, saturation and sustain pedals, not to mention the octaviders. mics, switchmode transformers everywhere that power all the devices including LED and fluorescent lights, plus the wireless junk. Their instrument uses steel strings and a magnet transducer, plugged into a pre-amp and amp that are plugged into a utility power cable emitting high "dirty electricity".

Example: Allan Holdsworth, is said to be possibly the greatest innovator of electric guitar since the 1960s. He always ran his guitar through a synth and was an 'electronics' innovator. By his late thirties, he was had severe carpal syndrome.

Here he is at home, buried in EMF, and stumbling around -- just before he died of the final EMF symptom, a stroke. He can hardly strum the strings. He says, "I'm an old man." "It was easier in the old days."

Here is a video that demonstrates how much dirty electricity comes through a plugged device. 

Circa 2012, I awoke to the ongoing EMF holocaust while living and sleeping over Con Edison main lines, which fed 126 luxury apartments in Manhattan, all running air conditioning, etc. I suffered many symptoms and was on m way to tortuous death were I not made aware by fellow environmentalists of the symptoms of EMF exposure: Cancer, neurological damage, depression, insomnia, backache, rashes, muscle atrophy, eye, ear, and dental problems, etc. 

EMF subverts vocal apparatus

I recently found EMF to be related to a specific fine motor dysfunction.

In 2019, after decades of being out of the scene, I was recovering my skills as a brass instrument player. I was practicing with the mouthpiece only. 

Not wanting to disturb anyone (as it was night), I went into the bathroom, turned on the lights, and practiced.

After 20 seconds my throat locked up, as if there were a "tick" in my throat. I could not continue the exercise. Aside: This had also happened previously on stage during a solo performance.

Being EMF-aware, I looked around and realized that the bathroom lights were fluorescent bulbs (high EMF generators). Important: See here and here.

I turned off the lights and found that I could immediately continue the exercise without any problems. Yes, this is anecdotal, but based on 10 years of studying EMF bioeffects.

It is common for modern-day opera singers, the greatest of all, lose their voice, damage their voice, lose their will, blown out. This is EMF, which is especially prevalent among people in stage and theater, not to mention the usual EMF at home.


The implications are vast. That means EMF affects every fine and subtle thought and motion we have. Every opportunity to avoid any EMF must be taken.

This would apply to those trying to improve guitar playing, the fine motor skills involved in strumming and finger-picking, etc. Practice in the lowest EMF environment possible. Maybe that's why successful writers, artists, and musicians move to remote areas. I moved, but routers/modems, smartmeters, and utility earth current are still a problem.

The same issues of fine motor coordination goes for vocalists, the fine apparatus of the voice, and writers, thinkers, everyone: The fine hormonal coordination and interactions of the nervous system is magic, but vulnerable. Protect it.

Vocal example

Early 2021, I had permission to turn off breakers in a house I was renting. I had not been practicing singing at all, but after three weeks of this low EMF environment, I sang from low F of the bass clef, to high F of the treble clef, with full voice, no falsetto. 

This occurred during my discovery and subsequent research into earth utility current.

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  1. Jim I think there are only a few people aware of this and putting together the pieces. I submit this for your consideration (if you have not already considered it).

    All our blood is separated and kept flowing by an electrical charge called the Zeta Potential. The zeta potential is created by an electron cloud around each of our blood cells. It is what keeps the blood cells separated from each other.

    Now what happens when you subject this electron cloud to a disruptive electric field? Just like when we used to demagnetize our old computer monitors by subjecting them to a strong electric impulse, I believe all dirty EMF is depolarizing our red blood cells.

    Dirty EMF is "jiggling" the electron cloud around the blood cells so violently, that it falls apart, depolarizes, and the blood loses its zeta potential.

    Now what is the consequence of losing the zeta potential of your blood? It's thick blood, something called the rouleaux effect, and we see it every time with people sick from EMF.

    And what are the downstream effects of thick blood? Well you don't have to be a genius to understand that it will effect absolutely everything, but the most immediate and obvious effect would be oxygen transport to the muscles. Lack of oxygen will create lactic acid, which will cramp up everything, creating all sorts of downstream effects in anything in the body that need muscles to operate. Everything from your bowel to the wrist and structures surrounding the carpal tunnel(?)

    Electromagnetic properties of the arterial blood flow:

    Effect of AC Electromagnetic Field on Zeta Potential of Calcium Carbonate

    1. Thanks. Sounds good. I will follow up on this and return here.

      There are also microvilli within capillaries that are acting as pumps. These and related hormonal substances would be affected by EMF and 'tighten' the entire blood system, changing blood pressure. Then palpitations heart failure could ensue.

    2. Curiously, the first study, Beraia (2018), analyzes blood flow with echocardiography, which is a high risk form of ultrasound, and ultrasound is essentially EMF in the am radio band range, transformed into the physical realm of vibrations, at about 9 megahertz.

      They describe the "natural ultrasound vibration of the [blood cells]" at 1.2Mhz.

      So there are great complexities and contradictions unresolved in this study, which they are not addressing.

      Nevertheless, it makes great sense, what you say, that the blood cells are not being pushed merely by the heart. There are probably many forces moving the cells along, such as zeta potential coordinated with the capillaries pushing the cells along, and the microvilli acting within the capillaries.

      The microvilli aid nutrient-waste-oxygen-CO2 exchange, and they "control blood flow":


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