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EMF and Health

by Jim Westby (please share and cite)

Two forms of EMF

Industrial EMF competes with biological EMF.

Biological EMF (electromagnetic fields) is essential to cell and hormone function. We have co-evolved with EMF, and cells generate and receive EMF. Over billions of years, life has co-evolved beneficially with natural EMF, such as sunlight.

Industrial EMF is essential to the technical backbone of modern civilization. It is the basis for electric motors, electrical transmission, radio, WiFi, computers, communications, etc. It is different than natural EMF, being dangerously polarized, square wave and having properties that like cannot use or defend against. Life has not co-evolved with industrial EMF.

Biological EMF, however, is a common part of biological function, necessary for chemical interactions, pathway signalling, hormonal function, etc.

The competition between natural and biological EMF confuses biological functionality. Biological systems must spend energy stabilizing themselves. Disease then proliferates in the form of hormonal disruption and cell function disruption, and symptoms are highly diverse.

Examples of industrial EMF: electric motors (A/C and fans), and LED, fluorescent lights, and computer monitors. This is not a “light spectrum, blue light” issue, but high-frequency EMF from unshielded switch-mode transformer circuitry. Other sources of varying EMF types are power cables, and mains cables under our floor or through walls and ceilings.

Industrial EMF is clearly associated with coughing, sneezing, back-ache, nervous sleep, etc. Continued exposure can lead to severe symptoms, e.g., meningeal irritation, eye and ear problems, and dental weakness.

EMF is so important to industry, that any thought of health issues are seen as an attack on industry. U.S. electrical code has no provision for personal health. Its code protects other electrical equipment in that radiating devices are not allowed to disrupt each other, however, it does not extend this protection to biological entities.

EMF health issues are flatly rejected by industry-funded science and media. Authoritative yet anonymous boards are assembled to review and reject the science. Corrupt studies are funded, e.g., where the control group is exposed to EMF, where observations are dismissed without discussion based on selective nit-picking.

Most independent studies find EMF hazards. 187 studies are compiled at Bioinitiative.org by Henry Lai, PhD, which support the concept of EMF poisoning as a major environmental hazard. This group represents the view of hundreds of scientists. An eloquent author on the topic of EMF genotoxicity is professor Neil Cherry.

Industry hacks reject the idea of EMF hazards, pretending to be scientists, e.g., at EMF Science and Health.

You do the test

If you are skeptical, then devise your own test. Test EMF for health issues by changing EMF exposure levels.

Symptoms already exist for most people, e.g., rashes on the backs of hands near computer monitors and keyboards, depression, brain fog. Heart palpitation can occur during computer use or other sudden exposure, such has when carrying a cell-phone in ones shirt pocket. What appear to be bug-bites can merely be EMF rashes. Reduce the EMF and watch symptoms disappear.

The next time you sneeze, look around. You should see an unusually high intensity EMF device near you, like a fluorescent light or WiFi source near your head. LED lights also, as they usually contain an unshielded switch-mode high-frequency transformer circuit. A cell phone held near the sinuses can cause sneezing for some.

Detect a wide variety of EMF sources with the aid of a portable AM radio tuned between stations at the low end of the dial. The static noise represents wide-ranging EMF patterns and frequencies, termed "dirty electricity" (Dr. Samuel Milham, epidemiologist).

Tests work well if you can find a safe low-EMF area and a high exposure area (two comparison scenarios). In relative terms, find safe and hazardous areas within your residence or work.

The industrial view is, of course, dominant, to protect electric systems.

One TEST is worth a 1,000 expert opinions.

TEST the effects of WiFi yourself. 1) If your Internet router is located near your sleeping area, then turn it off at night and you will notice much better sleep. 2) Or turn off your house breaker switch at night, also gaining very good sleep.

EMF disrupts hormonal systems, disrupting sleep and causing disease. 184 studies agree: Bioinitiative.org

Further study


Anthony A. Marino, PhD -- This scientist was fortunate enough to have been funded for the entirety of his research career. Extremely knowledgeable, humorous. He also is a lawyer, and has been called as a witness for many EMF related trials against industry. He also has a degree in law and philosophy/religion.

Sam Milham, MD -- Epidemiologist, pioneer in EMF science.

Prof. Neil Cherry -- EMF genotoxicity.

Caveat. If you become EMF aware, then stay conservative. Do not fall for EMF mysticism, amulets, etc. Focus on basic EMF physics. EMF is radiation. It must be shielded and preferably removed or distanced. Aluminum foil is effective, but be careful, as it could reflect another EMF source. Some sell devices that can electronically neutralize EMF. Be skeptical of those. Think distance and shielding, and shield in ways that do not reflect or concentrate EMF.

Read your meters; none are perfect so be in touch with your symptoms. Discount other sources of pollution such as unventilated stoves and boilers or stack pollution.

Map your area with an RF meter and an AM radio. Then shield appropriately or relocate.


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