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EMF Anecdotes

by Jim West (please share and cite)


"EMF" means electromagnetic fields. For the purpose of discussion, I limit its meaning to industrial EMF, which is polarized, often consisting of square waves. These properties make it much more hazardous than natural EMF such as sunlight, which is beneficial. We and our evolutionary ancestors have evolved along with natural EMF for at least billions of years. WHO absolutely instructs doctors to avoid the topic of EMF disease causation. See EMF Quick Summary


EMF in remote mountains (8/12/2020)

High in the mountains near Tucson, I moved from NYC to escape air pollution and EMF. I found fresh air, yeah!

EMF was less than in NYC, but still present because of routers and video cameras in my building. 

Solution: Sleep in the mountains on Federal remote land.

Result: A disaster due to "stray voltage".

According to the great EMF epidemiologist, Sam Milham, MD, everywhere in the US, utilities are running return current through the earth. Not so in Europe.

This is strong enough to torture ecosystems in the earth and on it and even above it. I'm the proof. Farmers have been successfully litigating against utility companies, but nature has no lawyers, and campers are not wise enough.

A friend died of a heart attack while in the remote desert. A mystery until now.

I slept five nights in mountains, fearing puma, jaguars, panthers, javelina, and rattlesnakes. 

EMF was my nemesis: I should have known the first morning, when upon waking to severe muscle cramps. I could not believe it and returned four more nights. It was an adventure setting up my great bug tent. Aside from the EMF, a great adventure, with beautiful skies and watching birds catching bugs.

All that predation in nature I gazed upon every night. But they say, if you look around and don't see that sucker, you're the sucker. It was me. Industry was eating me alive, by running its return line through the earth, rather than through a cable. 

Very bitter. Friends have no idea and can't share my concern. Even on my EMF forum, all seemed aghast, but most had no idea this could be in remote areas. However, I have sensitive symptom perception, carefully avoiding all symptom suppressors, such as, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs. I abate EMF wherever possible.

Arthritic woman 8/11/2020

I visited a female friend (age 60) at her house. She had been limping for years. I diplomatically informed her that her health issues were due to EMF, i.e., the switchmode transformers in her LED and CFL lights and her dimmer switch.

She replied, "That makes sense because I cannot be in a commercial store, with its lighting, for more than 20 minutes."

I suggested that she buy simple non-dimming halogen lights.

I thought we were done, that she had enough evidence for her. She said she cannot go into a store because of the lights. Yet, she said she might take my message on "faith".

She said she didn't like doctors and that she didn't take any pharmaceuticals. Later she says that she is taking hormonal supplements. I said that those are not natural hormones, that they were like pharmaceuticals, often synthetic. They are pharmaceuticals.

Even if these supplements were "natural" extracts, they would not be on par with her own hormones because those have evolved from her body and it's needs. Hormones are like liquid nerves, with memory and the ability to appropriately manipulate body function behavior. I have known a few women who were taking hormonal therapy and blood thinners, and even from natural sources, only later to have their hip bones crack as they aged, requiring surgery and hazardous anesthesia.

Drugs addict the body, but they also addict the mind to propaganda. Once on drugs, people are fixed like a bug with a pin through it.

Electric stove 8/2/2020

Modern devices like TVs and stoves often never turn off. they constantly radiate EMF even when apparently off. They idle, with the power control circuit and transformers always ready. There is much EMF radiating when not in use, 24/7.

I went to a party recently and one of the guests was washing and cooking, standing for 25 minutes in front of an electric stove, not in use. The sink was across from this stove.

The guest left the stove and walked across the room. Suddenly his hand cramps up, the "worst" he has ever seen. In pain, bent over, sitting on the floor, it took him a while to recover. His exact location, as he walked across the room, was a two feet in front of the central A/C unit closet. He had apparently reached an EMF threshold near the stove.

There was no internet router in the house. The house had only a few electric devices, the stove, the refrigerator, an unplugged TV and central A/C. The stove and refrigerator had been within a foot of this guest.

When I saw his hand cramped, it reminded me of the my hand cramp experiences in my prior apartment in NYC, with its high EMF. So I told him that his cramps were probably from the stove and refrigerator, then the A/C unit. This modern unit probably had digital power controls and transformers. No other cause could be seen or imagined at the site of his cramp symptoms. He wasn't entirely convinced of my observation, but he was intrigued. 

He already had a low symptom threshold, because his own home is highly EMF polluted: a smartmeter, router, modem, cables, and an adjacent neighbor's very high EMF source (unknown). He had previously complained of toothaches, an EMF symptom.

It is a good habit, whenever anything unusual happens, from a sneeze onward, to pause and look around. Where are you in relation to toxic sources? You will see environmental correlations.

Shielding a video camera in the hallway, 7/20/2020 [jw01]

With patient diplomacy, I got management to allow me to shield the video camera near my apartment. I cut four layers of heavy duty foil to size, and taped this to the camera and its antenna. I did not obstruct its communication direction, which was downward. It appears that foil too close to the antenna might cause it to dysfunction (I might be wrong and did not verify). EMF reduction was about 400x. This is a big win, where I could feel and measure this improvement.

Male, 63 years, 7/12/2020 [dc]

A long-time co-author and frenemy, died of cancer recently. He was completely into natural living and nutrition and lived in a low pollution area. He was a leading critic of germ theory. He interviewed me five times on her podcast and we had several articles published.

His blind spot was the hazards of EMF. He made a great living as a telecommunications consultant and so, due this serious conflict of interest, was in EMF denial, as he could never accept that EMF was a hazard. I complained that he did not read the studies I sent him. Though he was always otherwise cordial, somewhat objective and ready to civilly argue any point -- on EMF, he would not respond, except to say, one time, that he could not see how WiFi could possibly be a hazard.

Cancer is an obvious EMF symptom, because cancer is the result of accumulated damage to nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) and EMF readily damages nucleic acid.

Upon learning of his cancer, I offered to step him through an EMF education, detection and abatement process. It would be simple. Yet, he did not respond.

From his interviews online, he apparently rejected chemo, but was considering infrared sauna, an intense EMF source. That could have been his therapy. Another acquaintance of mine who used electric heating near her bed, acquired breast cancer after a winter of use.

As David neared his death, he credited various experts, some famous, like Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who were advising him on herbs and other treatments, but not addressing cause. Cancer was discussed as an external enemy requiring alternative treatment. 

He blogged about their advice, but never mentioned my advice despite our long acquaintance. He never mentioned EMF. I'm just demonstrating his tunnel vision. his denial. 

Read more of my anecdotes here, and you will see why such human disappointments are common, though nevertheless sad. Very strange here though, as my friend David was known for his patient, objective and conversational civility. It comes down to a conflict of interest as a Telecoms consultant. Conflicts of interest can put a person in a state of denial.

Male, 45 years [Aynot] 7/1/2020

JW: "Hello. How are you?"

He: "Horrible. Yesterday, I felt bad in my stomach area, and I went to the doctor. He told me I have cancer throughout here [passing his hand across his stomach]."

JW: "Do you have a computer and an Internet router?"

He: "No, just a router, on 24/7. I'm keeping it for a neighbor."

JW: "Do you have trouble sleeping, and nervous legs."

He: "Yes, I have great trouble trying to sleep. I am nervous and wake up, walking around, several times every night."

JW: "Your cancer could be caused by EMF, the router. Check this out on the Internet; many are talking about it. Many scientific studies. Doctors' are instructed not to deal with this topic, instructed by WHO. They dismiss it, calling it hypersensitivity and a mere psychological condition. But don't believe me. You can personally test these ideas by turning off your router before you go to sleep, and next time I see you, we'll talk."

He: "I am freaked out by the idea of these treatments. They are destructive, even carcinogenic. Wow. I'll check into this EMF stuff on the Internet."

JW: [A few days later I see him.] "How did you sleep?"

He: "Great! I had deep sleep first time in years." 

JW: "This could also be related to your cancer. Work on detection, shielding and distancing from EMF, and keep testing these ideas."

He: "I will."

We were both optimistic. I assume he saw the light and would ask his doctor for a delay, or discuss environmental cause with the doctor. 

Yet, from here on, he was friendly, superficially, but would not entertain a pragmatic conversation on the EMF topic. He would put me off.

I learned that he continued seeing his doctor, began chemotherapy, and found that his body was unable to tolerate the chemo. He is engaged in a Medical and nutritional regimen, a program to work himself into a healthier state where he can tolerate toxic chemo.

Alexis Carrel stated that cancer as an inflammatory response to toxic stress, thus not usually an enemy. It is the body and it is body language (symptoms) calling attention from the mind, from management, requesting focus, consideration, and energy. And so I feel sad and angry, that I am watching another tragedy play out.

Update 8/2/2020

I saw this man talking to another who said she had cancer and they were saying to each other, "We will beat this. We will fight this." The Medical clichés.

How can they fight their own immune systems? How can they fight something of which they don't understand the cause?

Update 1/23/2021

This guy, who spent the last two years with a router running 24/7 next to his bed -- and was diagnosed with stomach cancer -- who I told to turn off the router and he then got his first nights full sleep -- went ahead with doctors orders and chemo -- 

-- and now is waiting to die in a hospice.

A few months ago, I asked him how he was doing. He said in pain. I said that makes sense if you poison yourself every day. He said, I think you've got something there. But he could not stop going to the doctors.

If I had do do that over again, I might ask him for his doctor's name and talk to the doctor, but what the hell. He would probably be not tell me, citing privacy. The guy would not talk to me, once he started chemo, and whenever we  saw each other, he must have known what I was thinking. The doctors would likely blow me off with their BS. Maybe his tragedy is worth more as a "case study".

Male, 65 years, 11/1/2019 [MBfm]

One warm morning, I shopped at a farmers' market, then rested on a bench. Another shopper was walking by, our eyes met, and he walked over. Immediately, we began talking about one of my favorite topics, EMF hazards. He sat down.

He said, "I am an electrical engineer. I was disabled by EMF to the point where, to recover, I had to move into a remote rural area where there was no electrical exposure. That recovery took 1.5 years. I am OK now, and with care, can function without symptoms."

I replied, "I find that every building, every apartment, has Internet routers and power cables running through the walls, TV cables etc, and this makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep. But I survive with about $1,000 worth of shielding fabric, and I tape foil on the wall to shield EMF sources."

He said, "Ground the shielding or it can become saturated."

Me: "I don't trust the ground."

He: "You must move to the countryside."

I unfortunately stayed in my residence and worked with shielding. The location is great, and only now, after a year, am I finally frustrated enough to move. I have, though learned much about EMF shielding and have become skilled at.

Shielding thought 8/3/2020

It is said that distance is the best way to abate EMF.

This is true, but not always in terms of shielding. There is a saying. "Keep your enemies close."

Sometimes an unfriendly neighbor will place his router next to your bedroom wall. This puts the router 6 inches from you.

It might be worse to have the router 10 feet away. Less area needs to be shielded at the closer distance, though radiation level is higher.

With a good shielding material, or lots of it, this small area can be more predictable and manageable. A far distance will cast reflections of radiation around what would have to be a massive shield that covers the entire wall.

A large area of shielding also can reflect other EMF sources towards you, around your large area shield.

Up close, you can use, if necessary, 100 layers of heavy duty foil, might be able to more effectively shield a small area.

Any arguments against this thinking?


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  1. Thanks Jim for these. We have a public health disaster of biblical proportions on our doorstep. It is not only the direct wireless pollution, but the indirect pollution caused by all our electricity and all electrical wiring becoming increasingly polluted by the rise of electronic devices and their noisy power supplies. The whole earth is becoming one big buzzing electronic cooking oven. Soon it will be impossible to determine the real causative agents between all these various pollutants, as our biology will be so overwhelmed people will start reacting to everything.

    I participate in several CFS forums for Chronic Fatigue Sufferers..and the member counts are rising rapidly. The COVID situation will bring a whole new group of people. We are already seeing reports of permanent damage by COVID. Whatever the causative agent is (pollution, EMF, or combinations). Of course the medical establishment is wholly unprepared, and there are already signs they will label this new group as suffering from psychological "post-COVID stress", when we all know it is something else entirely.

    1. Thanks. Yes, power cables too, dirty electricity. Plasma TVs should not be legal. Switch-mode transformers everywhere, etc.

      I'm not surprised that whenever I encounter an ill person, they tell me they have an Internet router by their bed or desk. In other cases, I think stove/boiler exhaust or construction solvents is a good suspect.

      The medical establishment is "prepared" with fictions, COVID-19 being the main one now, during the year of the 2020 5G rollout.

      WHO instructs doctors to avoid the topic of EMF. I'll address this as an anecdote, above.

  2. New blog quotes WHO blocking doctors on the topic of EMF, at:


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