Thursday, July 16, 2020

Zach Bush, MD and Del Bigtree on COVID-19

by Jim West (please share and cite)

I separate myself from Zach Bush, MD and Del Bigtree, on the issue of coronavirus and pollution.

Coronavirus Epicenter Causation

Zach Bush & Del Bigtree

Jim West

Coronavirus is causing morbidity and mortality.

No documentation demonstrates the existence of a coronavirus . This argument is slam-dunk.

The coronavirus epidemics are caused by coronavirus "unmasking" the toxicity of long-term pollution. The examples given are described as long-term pollution.

This fictional and complicated view gives Medicine much leverage in argument. Medicine can endlessly spin BS about coronavirus, as seen on CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, and all Mainstream Media. And like Bush/Bigtree, they admit the air pollution factor.

The coronavirus epidemics are caused by pollution.

Coronavirus  deadly infection
works with long-term pollution 

and thereby “reveals” areas of long-term pollution.

These areas are called
coronavirus epicenters. 

Intense short-term air pollution
compounds the toxicity of long-term pollution 

and thereby reveals areas of long-term pollution.

These areas are falsely called
coronavirus epicenters. 

Bush/Bigtree are recasting the Mainstream Media view, using the virus concept to avoid the topic of short-term air pollution as an epidemic trigger.

They are replacing the short-term pollution trigger with "coronavirus".

My research confronts the topic of short-term air pollution as trigger by properly dismissing coronavirus from the start. 

The global oil refinery regulation system triggered the epidemics by increasing waste dumping into the fuel and air stream.

These distinctions are important.

Bush/Bigtree are recasting Mainstream Medical views as if they were Dissident views.

Like the Mainstream, they avoid the topic of short-term pollution by focusing on a fictional virus. They ensure, like the Mainstream, the distortion of environmental studies. They ensure endless arguments about the disease-causing role of a virus vs environment.

Some believe Bush/Bigtree are saying that pollution is causing the epidemics, however, that is not what they are saying. They are promoting the idea of virus/pollution synergy, despite simple documented evidence of coronavirus existence missing.

Bush/Bigtree appear shockingly Dissident, caring beautiful people, however, they are mirroring the Mainstream view. This contrasts with my research.

Bush/Bigtree ensure the continuation of fraudulent analyses and data. By dramatizing coronavirus, they are maintaining irresolution of the entire repressive and debilitating political and legislative games associated with coronavirus, e.g., masks, germ phobia, contact tracing, etc.

The Bush/Bigtree interview, below, is falsely titled, as Bush did not "predict" the coronavirus disease epidemics.

My research, in contrast, does not allow Medicine any wiggle room in debate. They are already dead in the water.

Bigtree has long recast Mainstream views as Dissident views, and his most successful job was his production of the film "Vaxxed" for Andrew Wakefield (the "disgraced doctor"). 

Wakefield was earlier made famous as a fake Medical Martyr through the forced retraction of his measles/autism study, published in The Lancet. There, he covered up the toxicity aspects of autism with measles virus fictions. This method is used again, as the coronavirus coverup of the toxic coronavirus epidemic trigger. See details:


Zach Bush, interviewed by Del Bigtree, May 8th, 2020.
"The Doctor Who Predicted COVID-19 Answers All"
[Bush did not predict such]
Go to 40 minute mark for the virus/pollution discussion:

"Air pollution is the cause" (Zack Bush/Del Bigtree, extract of May 8 interview)

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  1. My sentiments exactly Jim. Not sure if it was the interview you are referring to but I watched a Zach Bush interview and his final heart bleeding tirade at the end was so cheezy I thought I was gonna throw up my dinner. At least Del Bigtree had Andy Kaufman on his show the other day as he was the most requested Dr ever by his audience. Del seemed to be taking it in, however his next videos go straight back into the germ theory paradigm.

    1. Yes! "Cheezy" is the word.

    2. Yes, Del even guided Bush back into the virus paradigm.

  2. You really have to wonder about anyone in the alternative news arena who is still banging the virus drum. All of them must have been exposed to the information debunking germ theory so carrying on with the narrative is extremely suspect. We've talked about RFK Jr before and how it might be that he doesn't want to polarise his audience but seriously, we are not gonna beat this if alt news is divided on attacking this obvious fundamental virus fallacy. Now that David Crowe has sadly left us is it really only you Jim and Jon Rappaport, David Icke and the guys over at Alfa Vedic?

    1. Yes. No Virus -- is the easiest way to bring down the house of cards. It is the root. RFK doesn't look good anymore. He also uses anti-vax to bury the truer ultrasound/autism paradigm, just as do Bigtree, Wakefield and Blaxil.

      When Dr. Andrew Kaufman talked No Virus, YouTube terminated his interview with Marshal Hodge (still on The concept survives here because it is under the radar. Both Blogspot (here) and YouTube are Google.

  3. I think that Covid19 syndrome may be a deficiency disease,( like pellagra which was thought to be infectious for decades ), a chronic invisible deficiency of zinc ( which is why HCQ only works really well if zinc is supplemented ), and vitamin D, which is turned acute and visible by unusually severe pollution/stress on the respiratory system. Foods high in zinc are fish, meat, eggs, nuts and seeds, but zinc is depleted/blocked by caffeine, alcohol, high calcium foods like dairy, and cereals/grains and pulses because of their phytates which bind to zinc. Zinc is crucial to activation/metabolisation of Vit D which is vital for lung health/protection and the immune system generally. Zinc deficiency is assoc with diabetes mellitus and obesity, and zinc is used heavily in the insulin-sugar regulation pathways.

    1. However, the mainstream "admission" that pellagra is a deficiency disease -- may be faulty due to missing toxicology. These admissions re nutrition, are just another toxicological coverup, because toxicology is not discounted in the studies.

      What toxicity caused the deficiencies?

  4. PS. Love your work. Very grateful for the alternative take, which helped me to see past germ theory and understand terrain theory. Have followed you on twitter. :) Amtrup

    1. Thank you. Yes the avoidance of toxicology is pervasive, extending to psychology, psychiatry, mysticism, religion, aestheticism, etc. It should be the first thing addressed in many areas of thought.

  5. I agree with most of what you say and the Toxix enviromental argument is a strong one.
    Regarding Wakefield. I disagree with a lot of what you say. It has some to light that Autism has been linked and surpressed. I think the article by Brian Deer was a hit piece for the Pharma . Think Merc and Brandy Vaughan.
    There are some very interesting relevalations that there was indeed a coverup when you read Sharyl Attkisson investigative pieces on 2016/11/what-the-news-isnt-saying-about-vaccine-autism-studies and Dr. Andrew Zimmerman's Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt.covered up.

    1. Yes, Brian Deer was a hit piece, but he was still correct on some items which I listed. And, bottomline, Wakefield is a pro-vaxer.

      Yes, vaccines are a strong factor for autism, and so are any medical poison, especially antibiotics.

      However, it is especially important to realize that mild ultrasound exposure enhances antibiotic toxicity by 100x.


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