Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Global Warming

by Jim West (please share and cite)

"Global Warming" is the name used to churn the public before the term had to be changed to "Climate Change".

Global Warming was in danger of be found a hoax, and so the name change.

Years ago, I was stunned by Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth". I told all my socialist friends about it on forums. What a great film. The Truth was revealed.

I still had a gnawing doubt in the back of my mind, which I repressed. He had displayed on stage, a great long timeline of arctic CO2 levels and temperatures. As the camera panned left to right, across the millennia, it settled on the right side where standing like a clown on a tall ladder was Al Gore pointing to the accelerating high point of the temperature line. Everyone began laughing including me.

Gore was suddenly the clown, as he pointed to rocketing temperature increases that were obviously out of control, a disaster engulfing the world, due to CO2.

Later, I looked into this graph and found that CO2 was not leading temperature, but following it. Something else had to be raising the CO2 levels.

Gore was performing the common magic trick technique, displaying an impressive show, but distracting the audience from the tell-tale detail. What's really strange, I suspect, is that wanted this picture, he wanted the dual message.

Independent Research


For nearly 200 years, New York City ocean water level tables show linear increase, with no acceleration.

"Global warming" would have accelerated these water levels if global warming were accelerating, but that's not happening, see graph, displayed below from NOAA.

The only reason for the CO2 drama, that I can think of, is to drive questionable public works funding such as elite nuclear power and fake clean energy programs, and create elite gravy trains. Nuclear power gets federal grants with its sales pitch, "zero-emission technology".

For example, 40 clean energy programs, funded by Obama Administration declared bankruptcy. The largest, Solyndra, was personally promoted by Obama and Biden. This could be the subversion of independent clean energy programs.

Apparently Obama sanctioned The Paris Accord within the same context, and Trump saw this apparently, and says he will renegotiate, though with the U.S. stuck by a signed agreement, the pull-out cannot occur until November 2020.

If 'they' really care about health, they can care about air pollution, rather than temperature. Many millions die annually from air pollution. No polarizing arguments are required.

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