Sunday, January 21, 2024

EMF Journal 01

 by Jim West (please share and cite) 

The utility company placed an EV charging station 150ft from my apartment. Sciatica is upon me now when I am in this apartment for over an hour. Unprecedented symptoms in my life. The more I avoid this building, the better I feel.

The woman next door got sick for a few weeks.

Another woman on my floor got COVID-like symptoms. She thinks more drinking water and herbal teas are the cure. She was improving for a while, but now appears to be going more badly. 

When setting up the EV station, the utility connected a large high power cable to the corner of a store building, then ran the cable overhead to a long-existing pole. Three traditional transformers were replaced with much smaller modern transformers, then the large cables were run underground to the EV station to avoid the obvious connection :)

These transformers might include switch mode circuitry generating huge levels of transient harmonics. 

Switch mode circuitry could be used by the EV power station to convert AC  to DC.

Such devices could resonate through the power cable matrix. Dr. Milham (epidemiologist explains).

Regardless, disease incidence seems to up in the area, as there are others aside from these two women and myself.

The large hospital expansion here makes better sense to me now.

Elon Musk suffers too many severe illnesses. He will be phased out. No longer is he a good high-tech electric image. Just like Steve Jobs.


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  1. interesting observation - I have a more or less constant ringing/hissing in my ears for over 8 years, and I believe it is EMF caused. And it is getting worse by small increments. It went away when I went ice bathing. It went away when I was outside the metropol I live in years ago, but now it doesnt go away, even when on the countryside. Based on others experience, it might take 6 months to detox, from urban radiation. Apart from that, I just fell over your publishings, and have ordered them. I came upon the Polio/DDT link, and then your work, while doing a critical investigation of quackzines and mal and misinformed history. Great Work Jim! - Im from Denmark, part of "the resistance", and we can boast of having some researchers that did a critical review of the so called MRNA "vaccines": -It hasnt been taken down yet, so the system is only 99% corrupted. What a relief! Thank you for your beingness!

    1. Your tinnitus is a built-in EMF detector. One benefit. I can hear Internet cables, 60hz power cables, WiFi, etc.

      The biggest shocker is my fetal ultrasound work; hope you read it.

      EMF though is a curse. My sciatica is getting much better, maybe gone now, by spending much more time in a building with no utility connection and relatively few neighboring smart meters. Running everything on 12v DC solar.


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