Saturday, December 30, 2023

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

by Jim West (please share and cite) 

A reasonable hypothesis...

Elon Musk's fate mirrors Steve Jobs' fate.

Elon's biographer is Walter Isaacson, the same biographer who authored Steve Jobs' biography. 

Isaacson was the CEO of CNN, so he definitely understands Medical politics.

When he was 31, in 1983, he wrote a thriller about Medical heroes fighting HIV, "Hunting for the Hidden Killers". That was published by Time Magazine, where he was associate editor.

After Jobs died, Isaacson was interviewed on prime time "60 Minutes", where he extensively described Jobs as an "idiot" for trying to avoid mainstream cancer treatment.

I assume Isaacson will do the same thing to Musk, whom he already describes in interviews, as verbally violent, mentally "dark", and forgetful/silent re his abusive episodes.

Elon and Steve both work(ed) in EMF disaster-ville. We who are aware of EMF hazards (which are clearly documented), can attribute Jobs' cancer to EMF, as he lived 24/7 in the Apple corporate research facilities.

Similarly, Musk, the promoted genius, is immersed in EMF at Tesla facilities and in the car itself, which reviewers have found to be a high EMF environment. 

Summing up: Musk suffers back disorders, obesity, violence, a dark mind, and asberger's syndrome. All of these disorders are evidence that he had an early start with prenatal X-rays.

Musk takes an injected drug to keep his weight down. Surgeons have implanted a titanium plate for structural support. Likely he is taking pain killers and psych drugs. We might assume reasonably, that he is doomed. He is notoriously in denial over EMF and EV vehicles.

All this correlates with EMF symptoms. (The mainstream considers this questionable, though to me, the medical mainstream is usually dissembling). and are good EMF refs.

Appearing on the near future, is the revelation that he is not actually handsome. Watch for Elon's cancer headlines. Maybe his dimples will survive.

The electric car industry is lately taking a media hit as a "scam" etc, and Musk's downfall health-wise will need an explanation. Isaacson can handle that to protect industrial interest. Already, before publication of the Must biography, he has described Musk as violent, unstable and "dark".

The recent media EV put down is probably a temporary adjustment of public perception, partially to churn the $65 trillion dollar investment market. 

Nevertheless, new battery and solar panel tech should save the EV, though present tech is inadequate. Battery tech will further damage the planet's environment. EV's will not reduce petroleum consumption much if at all, since they are only about 15% of the petroleum market.


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  1. It surprises me that you, Jim West, who knows about the coverup regarding the effect of neurotoxins in the case of polio would be so categorical about emf as the culprit in this case.
    I am not saying emf doesnt have health effects.
    It is reasonable that the heat induced from a mobile phone emf signal close to the head may cause some damage long term.
    And that higher electric and magnetic fields of lower frequency may have other effects. But we are bathing in a soup of artificial chemicals.
    We dont know what's in most of the foods we eat and nor do we know for sure what's in the water.
    We are probably posioned everyone of us.
    Why focus so much on emf?
    My suspicion is that it is encouraged by those who want to eliminate chinese competition until they have caught up.
    But that they have no intention of abstaining from the use of the modern versions of generation 5, 6 etc
    I have followed the debate about emf.
    Whenever the activists point to emf I have found remarkable evidence pointing to chemical poisons.
    For example people working on railways are exposed to strong em-fields. But in my country the railways are also sprayed along long stretches with pesticides so the staff would unavoidably be exposed to such chemicals. Further the localities where the trains are sometimes placed were also heavily sprayed.

    Another example. They attribute the death of bees to emf.
    But there are much more straightforward explanations.
    Apart from insecticides the whole environment has changed so there are less plants suitable for pollinating insects.
    And also domesticated bees are much more vulnerable for parasitic intruders while wild bees are better at getting rid of them. The domesticated bees are less fit for survival.

    And they blame emf for cows suddenly dying in large numbers near radiotowers.
    What about spraying lots of pesticides near such towers to avoid weeds precisely to protect the tech?

    And they blame emf for birds suddenly falling dead from the sky.
    What about bursts of industrial smoke?

    And what about the rather abundant destruction of the habitat for birds where trees are not alowed to lie and slowly rot so there will be opportunities for larvae to offer abundant food for birds.
    That too leads to silent spring.
    Where I live they have recently begun to leve lots of dead trees so perhaps we will hear more from the woodpeckers and other birds in the future.

    I know also one case when they explained that the wind had made it difficult for birds to fly to the areas where there was easier for them to find fish so some of them starved and died.

    And there were reports about birds crippled by heavy metals even leading to paralysis.

    1. Why focus so much on EMF? See and

      Musk, like Jobs, is 24/7 bathed in EMF.

      Yes to environmental poisons, such in Musk's case, injected medical toxicity, as noted.

      Like many successful people, Musk is too busy to be critical of Medicine. He embraces Modern Medicine as if it were scientific progress, rather than what it is, disease perception management and human management akin to corporate agricultural practice.

      Re my recent views of environmental toxicity I agree with you in my posts with regard, for example, the "COVID" epidemics.


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