Monday, February 28, 2022

Dental Issues Resolved

by Jim West (please share and cite)

Update 8/14/2023: Garlic is not a major positive factor as I had written below! It is a short-term benefit is due to the "pharmaceutical effect", i.e., it, as a minor toxic stressor gives the experience of a health benefit, and its sulfur might be useful nutritionally as it combines with heavy metals in the body, where they can be excreted.

Looking back at decades of dental issues, and in view of recent experiences, I conclude that the major factors are undoubtedly:

1) "Sugar" in any unnatural non-raw form, is a fake hormone that causes severe dental disintegration. This means sugar like "organic brown sugar", which is refined sugar with molasses added back into it, resulting in its state as a dysfunctional hormone. Synthetic hormones are notorious, e.g., female hormones, etc.. Nevertheless, natural sugar as found in raw honey or fruit is gooood.

2) EMF from any industrial source. Prenatal EMF including ultrasound (EMF transformed via piezo-electric crystal in to the mechanical phase), establishes permanent vulnerability. Other poisons such as air pollution or arsenic are factors. EMF and arsenic are demonstrated dental poisons according to studies, as causing "apoptosis" of dental cells.

3) Acid levels higher or equal to lemon or vinegar.

With good EMF shielding and raw fruit and raw honey, "sugar" was no problem, and teeth that were ready to fall out, firmed up.

Prior thinking (somewhat wrong)

Update: Circa 6/22/2022, my tooth fell out. Very sad. It was in good shape but the periodontal system could not hold it. It took years for this final event, instigated by fluoride poisoning from a dentist over a decade ago, and progressing badly with each new poisoning episode. It is somewhat a relief that it is gone. My body seems now to crave raw garlic and I have no problem eating it as small cut pieces with cheddar cheese. Found out today that sulphur and fluoride react to form an inert non-toxic gas, sulphur hexafluoride. This might be a good antidote for fluoride.

Update: Circa 4/4/2022, my tooth firmed up, but then I ate popcorn and it became loose again. Not gone but loose. Not improving. I have heard that a bonded brace to adjacent teeth (by a dentist) can give the tooth time to heal. I may try that.


Garlic has a great reputation for improving health by bolstering the immune system. It has long been eaten raw by Germans, Russians and Chinese cultures for this reason. 

Its reputation is warranted because the immune system depends on sulfur to destroy and/or sequester foreign matter, such as heavy metals and out of balance microbes. With arsenic and mercury being constants threats throughout industrial history, garlic makes sense.


Due to a corrupt dentist filling my perfectly good teeth with mercury when I was a child, and then as an adult having those mercury fillings replaced with resin following a fluoride treatment -- by a moronic dentist -- my periodontal system is not happy. Science supports my observations.

Recently, with more stressors, my front lower teeth got real sad and wanted to leave. I got very sad and began asking and thinking.

I took many hours to revamp my EMF shielding and that helped much, but one tooth remained very loose.

A close friend suggested oil of oregano, organic.

I don't entirely trust the organic label, especially when spices are allowed much more pesticides because the FDA falsely declares that they are not a food and assumes that they would not be eaten in quantity. However, the oil of a spice is where chemicals migrate.

Then I bumped into garlic at the store and remembered that it is high in sulfur, like onions. I remembered that Captain Cook used onions for cure his ship crew, to prevent scurvy.

I tried garlic and within 24 hours the tooth was firmer. Over the next week, everyday, the tooth got firmer. Apparently the periodontal micro-ecology was getting into balance.

Maybe this is too early to celebrate. But so far, so good.


I was chopping garlic cloves and swallowing them in a smoothie or with any liquid, daily.

The amount? Five small cloves per day.

Most sources claim much more garlic can be eaten daily.

However after six days of eating my five small cloves, I noticed a very strong odor in my sinuses and then in my mouth. That would be H2S, hydrogen sulfide. The odor reminded me of petroleum refinery effluents, where H2S is common.

I also felt heart palpitation, which I first assumed was EMF from my computer monitor. But while that once was common, palpitation is now rare, if ever, because I wear an EMF shield vest and have a monitor shield.

So it appears that garlic overdose really is a hazard to the heart, as others experience and warn.


The body senses a sulfur overdose.

The body neutralizes the sulfur, producing H2S gas.

The H2S gas is released mostly through the lungs and skin.

Overdose monitoring

So forget the mainstream dose threshold studies, which are absurdly high.

Just monitor yourself for H2S and heart weirdness. If you sense these symptoms, then stop eating garlic, and maybe onions also, as they are substantial in sulfur.

It appears that on the average, for me, one third of a small clove per day would be OK. But now I am waiting for the H2S to subside completely.


Allicin is like a sugar with a sulfur bond.

Simple sugars are C6H12O6.

Sulfur is like oxygen, and can "oxidize" things that "burn", like carbon, hydrogen and metals. Thus it appears that O and S are bonded with the sugar component C6H10- to form C6H12OS2 (allicin).

Mainstream Medicine will tell you that allicin aids the arterial system by generating H2S and nitric acid and thereby helps to open up arteries.

I doubt that is the mechanism. They are actually describing a toxic "pharmaceutical effect", whereby the toxicity of allicin overdose brings about a temporary and false sense of "vitality". The end result is disaster, as with virtually all pharmaceuticals.

The mainstream stories are, as usual, an avoidance of toxicology.

The value of garlic should be nutritional, not hormetic. That is, the dose should be less than what generates the toxic hormetic effect (pharmaceutical affect).


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  1. The best remedy for tooth problems is a mouth wash made either of food grade hydrogen peroxide or ozonated water.
    No pathogen can develop resistance to these compounds.

    1. It is important to first discover why there are pathogens in the gums.

      Also, the pathogens might not be pathogens, as the gums cultivate microbes in balance.

      Killing pathogens kills many non-pathogens and puts the gum micro-ecology out of balance.

      It's like using insecticides on a farm.

      If using peroxide, it must be diluted much, otherwise dental proteins can be damaged ("bleached") and teeth can darken.

    2. Interesting story.

      I agree. "Pathogens" are the necessary ingredient from the Pharmaceutical industry's perspective, as it suits their end goals. This is similar to the perceived "need" for insecticides on farms. In both cases natural balance is the healthy option, and removes the "pathogen"label from the mix.

      Using garlic for this purpose sounds promising. In the past week, I seemed to have helped my own little problem using a different substance. A lingering painful spot behind a lower back-most molar prevented touching the area with a brush (I use only water). Going with a random recommendation, I rinsed with a sea salt and water mix. By the next brushing, pain was gone and still good a week later. Now a salt rinse follow every meal.

      In your case you are presuming a helpful process beginning in the digestive system, as I read it. That all sounds good, but I wonder if benefits could accrue from a crushed garlic rinse, as with the salt?...nevertheless, I will try the garlic. I still have some of my own grown last year.

    3. Hi Matt. Return with your experiences.

      I've been brushing with salt water too. Also finding EMF related to tooth issues.

    4. General update: So far, so good.

      And... today I'm trying direct rubbing of garlic oil on gums.

    5. Tonight I tried a delicious way to get raw garlic in the stomach, but first of all the mouth (my late wife did this). Toasted sourdough bread, buttered, with thin slices of garlic (one or two per bite). Wife used to rub the whole clove on the bread, but this bread was not holding up, so went to the slices. Very good, and lots of garlic getting on teeth and gums.

      Could also use garlic crusher.

    6. I once was an antipasto chef in an Italian ristorante and as I remember, we crushed garlic into hot butter. Toast and garlic is a classic.

      I seem to be at the dose threshold though now, cuz I'm getting the H2S emission symptom quickly. I wonder if that would happen with toasted garlic?

    7. Two medium cloves tonight, sliced on buttered toast, with thin cheddar slices atop that. Heart palpitations, and I wasn't even thinking of the garlic as it was happening, not until I came here and was reminded.

      The last "dose" you mentioned was one third of a clove for yourself.

      I like your ristorante method. That would be an easy way to reduce the dose.

  2. I can't confirm or deny. Lost my sense of smell while being sick last year, and seem to have recovered it a "little". But I know from past experience that most odors still evade me. I have to get intentionally close to something in order to get a tangible whiff, but that only works sometimes.

    I can smell the garlic a bit, but that's as far as it goes.

  3. I think the fracked refinery crude had the refineries emitting some very dangerous stuff and part of the COVID disaster was loss of smell.

    Garlic H2S though is like gasoline in your sinuses -- you would "smell" it one way or another.

  4. Is there any benefit to consuming garlic over just taking MSM powder?

    1. I assume that the sulfur would still be there.

      Some reinterpretation of my dental "live experiments" is that I've come to realize how bad even a little organic brown sugar in a raw fruit smoothie can ruin the teeth.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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