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by Jim West (please share and cite)

Hormesis describes the true and well-established dose/response curve for toxicity. The word has been censored from all textbooks. FDA refuses to recognize it. It is the fundamental basis for apparent but falsely described pharmaceutical success. Even as I write this, the word "hormesis", Blogger marks it as a misspelling.

This is my most cynical but perhaps realistic view. If we can handle this, perhaps we could find a solution...

Why is the world so toxic?

The 'careless' toxic technology is allowed as part of a management agenda. The insider historian, Yuval Harari, writes, "Humans are managed according to agricultural protocols" [close paraphrase if not exact, from his book "Homo Deus"].

He doesn't explain, but "Agricultural protocols" is a standard concept in toxicology, for example the authoritative Hayes and Laws.

Farm life (cattle and plants) is purposely stressed (with toxic agri-chemicals) to raise the biological metabolism, at the cost of higher levels of disease and death. This increases "production", whatever that may be, e.g., such as egg laying or flesh mass.

For humans, "production" could be anything, such as Asperger obsessive computer programmers. Or an entire Millennial population less able to challenge authoritative corruption.

Hayes and Laws, says this in terms of the human "need for... sufficient but not overpowering challenge".. It is a top-down interest to stress us in nonsensical ways, that benefit upper level management. It is elitist management theory applied universally.
The term "sufficient challenge" introduced by Smyth (1967) refers to the entire range of phenomena and emphasizes the need of the organism for some measure of stress, whether it be a small amount of poison, a fact, he points out that he took the term from Toynbee's concept of "sufficient but not overpowering challenge" in connection with human history.
See my first article on this topic.

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