Monday, December 19, 2022

EMF Improvements

by Jim West (please share and cite)

I alway strive to reduce industrial EMF exposure.

Symptoms are the best "meter" to understand the results of my efforts. Meters usually only measure a narrow frequency range or other narrow characteristic based on EMF scientific theory, which is oriented towards industrial interest, such as radio signals. 

Symptoms are the real measure, the reason why anyone would want a meter, so go directly to the symptoms. Symptoms are a powerful non-verbal language speaking directly about the environment. Example: Eyesight is a set of EMF symptoms, as described by the great Andrew A. Marino, PhD. 

When I try to improve shielding or move to a hopefully better location, symptoms speak to me.

Usually symptoms (such as nervousness, anxiety, backache and depression) are reduced and there is relief, but this can often be a complicated message.

Symptoms answer my attempts to reduce EMF in at least four ways.

1) Symptom improve because I have successfully reduced EMF exposure. The lack of symptoms is something to be thankful about.

2) Symptoms improve because I have merely changed EMF exposure patterns by moving or shielding. The body takes a few days to understand the new EMF environment/patterns, then upon recognition of EMF exposure, symptoms can become worse or no better.

3) Symptoms improve because I have successfully reduced EMF exposure. After the applause dies down, after a few days or weeks, the body realizes that reduction should continue, and it returns to sending me tortuous symptoms.

For example, a loose or painful tooth is the result of EMF weakening the binding matter that holds teeth in the periodontal system, the seals the teeth to the gums. EMF upsets the microbial balance that keeps the gums/teeth clean. EMF weakens the binding of dental matter that constitute a tooth. Similar symptoms can the weakening of finger and toe nails, their binding to the skin and flesh, and increase their tendency towards a hangnail, which follows washing dishes with hot water and detergent, etc.

4) Symptoms get worse because EMF exposure is simply worse.


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  1. Is there any known treatment (exotic as it may be) to EMF sensitivity?
    Relocation\isolation is not a feasible option for most people.

    1. Mainly, only shielding or moving can help. Minor aids are nutritional, such as herbs, etc. Avoiding other pollutants such as air pollution can be substantially helpful. I've struggled for years to abate EMF and moving and shielding are best, with moving being the very best.


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