Sunday, April 10, 2022

Science blocked by YouTube

 by Jim West (please share and cite)

I was looking at this video by Sayer Ji, the leader of

The video critiques the COVID virus in terms of Koch's Postulates. The video does not claim the virus does not exist. Yet GreenMedinfo has published my work which finds viruses non-existent.

Additionally, I have posted links to my work for years on YouTube in the comments section. Thus, I assume I can comment on this video with links to my site,

I get blocked.

So I try a link to harvoa dot org and get blocked.

I link  to and that is OK.

I repeat that comment again, adding "and harvoa dot org" and I get blocked.

Then I change "harvoa dot org" to random words with "dot" between them, and I get blocked:

I tried this sneaky approach and was blocked:

A friend commented with links to my site and was blocked.

I tried three different browsers (MS, Chrome, Firefox) and am still blocked.

I don't have any extensions that would block anything without a notice.

One of my comments has survived for now, with no attempt to link:

The YouTube tally of comments shows my comments are still in the YouTube system, but not showing. 

Three comments show yet 17 are tallied.

YouTube/Google is insidious because they initially accept my comments, but then upon refresh it disappears. 

Google owns Blogger, my blog platform, and owns YouTube, so perhaps by their grace I am still allowed to blog under their radar.

Surprising update: I was approved for comments, and am able to comment with links.


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