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Colds/flu: Environment Omitted

by Jim West (please share and cite)

Colds and influenza can be misdiagnoses of common environmental hazards.

First priority (just ask your doctor) when encountering symptoms, is to review your environment.

The following may seem trite, yet it is a simple reality which cannot be overstated. Use your symptoms as a divining rod to solve the ubiquitous environmental puzzles. Your symptoms are your vision, and industrial media works 24/7 to keep you blind.

Much diagnosed “flu” actually is the result of bad ventilation (stove or boiler exhaust, or room heater). At least five states have outlawed unventilated gas stoves. Ref: Dolan (1985)

Ventilation: A stove requires an outlet fan and an inlet window or vent, positioned far from the outlet fan. Open windows without fans do not function in dead winds.

Boilers can be a problem, and are difficult to properly ventilate even by experts. Other risks are construction solvents and paints, swimming pool construction solvents, etc.

EMF stressors: An environmental co-factor could be the cumulative stress of electrical radiation exposure, e.g., electric fans, computer monitors, power cables, Ethernet cables, routers, WiFi, fluorescent light ballasts, LED light switch-mode transformers, radar, radio antennae, X-rays, MRI, ultrasound, etc. An organization of hundreds of scientists provide documentation. Ref:

Medical stressors such as prenatal X-rays and ultrasound can establish fundamental vulnerabilities to any subsequent environmental stress. Ref: A New Bibliography

Flu-like symptoms are the symptoms of most chemical pollutants (air pollution, construction gases, etc) and this listed as a warning on laboratory chemical container labels. These symptoms are also the initial symptoms of common diseases (measles, polio, AIDS, colds, flu, smallpox, chickenpox, etc).

Example 1

London 1952

The British government, tried to pass off  The Great London Smog of 1952, as an INFLUENZA epidemic, calling it "The Great London Fog". They tried hard but coal smog was overwhelmingly obvious. The government eventually admitted it was misrepresenting.

6,000 Londoners died and 25,000 later qualified for benefits related to illnesses and disabilities.

Devra Davis has researched and written an excellent article in History Today.

Example 2

Excerpted from Townsend Letter (2010).

Influenza Epidemic

April 23, 2009, St. Francis Middle School -- the epidemic began suddenly. Many students began lining up outside the nurse's office at 9:30 a.m. They continued to line up during the rest of the day. The school nurse called the NYCDOH at 10:30 a.m. A total of 102 students were sent home.

CBS News

More than 100 students at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens were suddenly hit with fever, sore throat and other aches and pains.
'I just saw lot a lot of kids lined up along the wall near the nurse's office," sophomore Kelsey Dittmeir said.'

The New York Times 

By 10 a.m., dozens of students were pouring into the hallway outside her office, sitting miserably on the floor, nauseous and confused.
The nurse called Dr. Gary Krigsman, who referred her to the CDC's Ada Santiago. One hundred and two students were sent home by the nurse on Thursday, and 80 more on Friday.

With such suddenness, questions must be asked: Is this a replicating virus, spreading upon contact with a few people. Or is this a sudden increase in air poisoning? Students suddenly became ill at school during an unusual period of intense air pollution specific to the school.

Why did the NYCDOH assume the virus paradigm and avoid environmental studies?

Wind Vectors

Coinciding with the epidemic apex is a set of unusual wind patterns, bringing high concentrations of expressway pollution to bear on St. Francis, as a straight unwavering slow wind scenario for 12 unrelenting hours.

Wind patterns for the epidemic apex (April 23) have been studied in detail with Wind Vector software. See satellite photo "Wind Patterns 3–4 a.m.," where, for clarity, only wind patterns passing through St. Francis are designated. This reveals a steady focus of expressway pollution into the school, saturating its structure before school hours, and throughout the school day, from 12am to 12pm..


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  1. What do you think is the main reason that people get the flu so often on cruises?

    1. 1) Cruise ships burn 150 tons of diesel fuel per day. If the wind is optimum for poisoning (speed and direction same as ship's) then much exhaust could hover on the ship, making everyone sick. Exhaust would flow into intake ventilation system.

      Parallel: "Car sickness" is actually engine exhaust leaking into the car interior. This was common in earlier cars, when interior exhaust levels were notoriously high.

      2) Water systems could be cleaned out with chlorine etc, and not properly rinsed.

      3) Water systems could contain organophosphates to limit scale buildup. The wrong phosphate compound could cause an epidemic, and the various organophosphates can have identical names except for the isomer notation.

      Example: The largest admitted paralysis epidemic in the US is Jake's Leg Syndrome, which the beverage industry created by adding the wrong type of phosphoric acid (organophosphate) to soda.

      Example: A school epidemic occurred approximately 2016 in Queens Borough of NYC. The NY Times reported the evacuation of the school, and a letter from the principal, but probably due to industrial conflict of interest, made no comment. The students reported the water turning reddish. I would assume that air conditioning cooling water was incorrectly connected to the drinking water system. The A/C water would have additives such as organophosphates.

      4) Hotels and cruise ships use toxic chlorine compounds etc, to remove odors of the previous tenant for a room or cabin. These, I believe, can be run through the A/C system air ducts, as deodorizers. This might have been the basis for the famous Hotel epidemic known as Legionnaires Disease.
      This might have been the basis for the hotel death of the famous singer, Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous brothers. The mainstream media and coroner claimed the death was due to cocaine, yet Bobby was a former baseball player, father with a family. His duo partner, baritone Bill Medley, said that Bobby was never known to have taken drugs. Bobby was famous also for his unsurpassed solo rendition of “Unchained Melody”.

    2. I'll tell you something funny; One time I got a really bad flu on a cruise (luckily it only began on the second last day of the cruise so I only got really sick after I got home so it didn't ruin my trip) that made it compulsory to use hand sanitizer and then on another cruise I went on where it wasn't compulsory/I didn't use it I was fine!

    3. Yea, sanitizers are advertisements.

  2. What do you think is the deal with shingles and the claim that it is triggered by chickenpox?

    1. How's this?

      Shingles and chickenpox are both the result of poisoning (EMF, air pollution, food/water pollution).

      Those that had chickenpox, having had an earlier poisoning episode, are damaged and thus more vulnerable to further pollution episodes manifesting as shingles etc.

      Chickenpox is evidence of the earlier environmental unawareness, and that same unawareness would lead to later cases of shingles or measles.

  3. Hey do you know about that Flu pandemic that lasted between 1889 and 1894 that was called the Russian flu? Well it was in the 1880's that coal first started being used to generate electricity for homes and factories

    1. That's a new one for me. Thanks.

    2. You can include that in this article if you want to never mind giving credit to me either I don't care about that

    3. It's great to have supporting comments/discoveries.


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